Research Paper Jasmine vs Ariel: Analyzing Fairy Tale Princesses

Nowadays fairy tales are very popular not only among children but also among adults who try to find a lot of interesting things in fairy tales and to refresh their memory about the best moments in their childhood. Fairy tales teach us to find out what is good and what is bad. Of course, the main characters of fairy tales are always protagonists who are in the center of the story. They are always in struggle with the evil.

Fairy tale princesses take a special place among different fairy tale characters. The most popular fairy tale princesses are Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel, two young girls who has already become the favorite characters of all the children. Small girls adore Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel. They want to look like these fairy tale princesses and to have the same traits of character. Fairy tale princesses are true examples for small girls.

My goal in this research paper is to give a detailed analysis of each fairy tale princess and to find some similarities between both young girls.
Princess Ariel. The main facts from her life story.

Princess Ariel is a young mermaid who is considered to be the protagonist in the popular animated film The Little Mermaid which was made by Walt Disney Pictures. She also appears in the following series The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning. It is known that the character of Ariel is taken from the fairy tale The Little Mermaid written by Hans Christian Andersen.

Ariel’s Appearance. She is a beautiful young girl with long wavy hair of red color. It is a unique color of hair because among her sisters she is the only one with red hair. Ariel’s eyes are blue and large, and her tail is green. She also has a bikini top made of purple shells.

Ariel’s Family. Ariel is one of King Triton’s daughters. Her father, King Triton governs a Kingdom which is situated on the bottom of the ocean. The Kingdom’s name is Atlantica. Her mother’s name is Athena. Unfortunately, she was killed by the pirates. Ariel has six sisters who are elder than she and who love her very much.
Some facts about Ariel’s Childhood. When Ariel was a small girl she was very happy because she had her lovely parents- her father, King Triton and her mother, Queen Athena and her six sisters. However, when her mother was killed, King Triton banned all the music, songs and dances in the Kingdom. He was always gloomy because he missed his dear wife. Ariel and her sisters forgot about the music. There were strict rules in the kingdom which the young mermaids should follow.

Ariel’s traits of character. She is an adventurous and rather curious young girl who has a strong character. She is brave and independent. She fights with witches Ursula and later with Morgana, Ursula’s sister. She loves her family and wants to be happy. Ariel’s best friends are a small yellow fish Flounder and a crab Sebastian. Ariel is a wonderful girl. She believes in magic and struggles against the evil.

Ariel’s Interests. She is interested in humans. She wants to know more about the world of humans. She even keeps a collection of some human items which were brought by the sea gull Scuttle.
Ariel’s love. Ariel falls in love with Prince Eric. She uses the magic of witch Ursula and spends three days with Prince Eric but she gives her voice to witch. Ariel struggles for her love. After hard trials she is transformed into a human by means of her father’s magic trident. She chooses the world of humans where she will be happy with Prince Eric.

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