Research Paper: Leadership

Dr. Maxwell says that the development of person capable to lead is based on mastering leadership laws. In order to reach the highest level of leadership, one must develop necessary features.

1. Value People. If a leader doesn’t value people, he will never create a culture of communication favourable for the development of leaders. If a leader ignores people and pays attention only to planning and final result, he will soon lose people and possibility to do planning as well as the final result. But if he focuses on people, he’ll get a chance to attract them, implement the plan and get the desired result.

2. Commit to people. Trust towards the leader depends on the leader’s trust towards a subordinate. It is necessary to create the atmosphere of trust, entrust people high-liability tasks, and expand their power. Thus, from an executer he turns into a man able to make independent decisions. This increases his social status and self-esteem.

3. Have integrity with people. The leader is always honest. Being honest with the administration is telling top-managers what is not always pleasant to hear. Being honest with the subordinates is telling when they are right or wrong. Being honest is admitting mistakes. Telling truth is not always possible without hurting someone and seeming insensitive, but integrity for the good of the company should always be a priority for the leader.

4. Have a standard for people. The leader should look for the potential in every person he leads. And having found it, try to develop it. That is how a leader takes an active part in the development of a new leader. Leader must find a unique “leadership button” in each member of the team. Effective leader is responsible for the coordination of his leadership style and the employees’ needs, not expecting them to adapt to him.

5. Influence people. Leadership is influence. If a leader doesn’t have proper position and influence, no one will follow him. That’s why the leader should change his thinking from “I want to hold position, which will force people to follow me” to “I want to become a man people would like to follow.” If leader shows care and attention to each member of the team, people respect and trust him. The more sincere his participation, the stronger his influence is.

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