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In the first decades of its existence, the club was primarily dedicated to the creation of national parks in the U.S., such as for the Glacier National Park and Mount Rainier National Park is another important theme of that time was (and is) the protection the Redwoods. Among the successes in the fifties, it includes the prevention part of the construction of the Echo Park Dam in Dinosaur National Monument in Utah. This happened at a time when environmental issues in the media still played almost no role and major projects such as dams, have been widely welcomed uncritically. In addition to the promotion of national parks and nature reserves, the club exists since the sixties and for the introduction of environmental standards in legislation, so the United States Clean Air Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act and the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977.
The magazine of the Sierra Club is simply called Sierra. It appears in every two months and reports on club activities and environmental issues. In addition, there is a weekly radio program, the Sierra Club Radio. The organization is called a 527 group, which may be assumed under U.S. tax law grants from all legal sources with no height limit. The current Managing Director of the Sierra Club’s Carl Pope.
The Sierra Club defines its mission as follows: “To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth; To practice and promote the responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources; To educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment, and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives”¯, according to Sierra Club Indiana.
Sierra Club is an American environmental organization. A well-known conservationist John Muir founded the organization in San Francisco 28 May 1892. Muir was also the first president of the organization. Today, the organization is in the United States has more than one million members.
The Sierra Club was founded in the 1890s, when The Century Magazine editor Robert Underwood Johnson, traveled to the western parts of the United States to meet with John Muir. Johnson’s aim was to continue to assure the Muir wilderness-themed writing articles. Johnson promised to publish journal articles on Muir. Counterpart to John Muir, Sonia asked the magazine to use to influence decision-makers Yosemite National Park was established. National Park was established in 1890. In the United States there were not yet any national organization, which would have ensured the protection of national parks. Johnson called for “a military organization,”¯ the establishment, and the number of Californians founded the Sierra Club in 1892. Muir became the first president of the organization.
The first years of the Sierra Club were greatly influenced by Mount Rainier (1899), and Glacier National Parks (1910), the establishment. Sierra Club experienced its first major challenge to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. San Francisco was looking for new sources of water in the city. They wanted to build a dam in Yosemite Hetch Hetchyn Tuolumnejoen located in the valley. Most of the organizations opposed to the dam construction. However, such as the natural protector of Gifford Pinchot support for the dam project. Conflicts as a result of the dam project went to support the Sierra Club. The organization was fighting the construction of a dam against the seven years, but President Woodrow Wilson approved the project in 1913.
The Organization continued to support the national parks. It pressured the U.S. Congress to establish a body of national parks. The pressure paid off in 1916 when the National Park Service was established. Members of the volumes have increased steadily. In 1908, to the Sierra Club belonged thousand members – the mid-1950s some 10 000. In 1952, the organization was named the first director hired, when David Brower was the place of the organization. Brower during the Sierra Club, became politically active. For this reason, the government removed the tax organization, the right to tax deductions. Brower had disputes with the government of the organization, and he resigned in 1969, according to Coal campaign Rivers and Water News.
Canada was founded in 1972 by the Sierra Club’s first unit outside the United States. That same year, the organization won a lawsuit to ban DDT in the use of insecticides in the United States. In 1984, the Sierra Club won the right to turn the struggle, as a result, EPA was forced to continue to monitor radioactive pollution. Today, the Sierra Club has 1.3 million members.

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