Research Paper The History of Mexican Drug Cartels

The rank structure of drug cartels is not a complex one. There are founders and current leaders in each organization. Moreover, there are also growers and dealers who have different ranks. A lot of people are involved in the drug business. Those who transport the drugs throughout the country are called traffickers. Those who transport the drugs by plane are called international traffickers. (Potter G. & Potter K., 2004, p.11)

2.3 The most prevailing drug cartels
The major drug cartels situated on the territory of Mexico are divided into two factions. The first one includes the following drug cartels:
Ӣ Los Zetas Cartel;
Ӣ Tijuana Cartel;
Ӣ Juarez Cartel.
The second faction includes the following drug cartels:
Ӣ La Familia Cartel;
Ӣ Gulf Cartel;
Ӣ Sinaloa Cartel.
Most of the above mentioned drug cartels are rather dangerous criminal organizations which keep in fear not only the local population but also the law enforcement. (Cook, 2007, p.9)

2.4 The policy of Mexican government in dealing with drug cartels
It is known that for many years, the transportation of narcotics to the USA from Mexico “was tolerated by the government of Mexico”. The Mexican government followed the “policy of accommodation” according to which numerous arrests and complete eradication of some criminal groups took place. However, the growth and influence of corruption which was widely spread in the country, the above mentioned policy represented a so called “working relationship” between Mexican government and drug cartels lords in 1990s. US-Mexican relations concerning drug cartels were often marked by failure of trust. (Beittel, 2009, p.2)

2.5 The policy of the US government in dealing with drug cartels
The United States take an active part in the war against the Mexican drug cartels. The counter-narcotics assistance provided by the USA to Mexico is done according to the International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement account which includes border security programs, aviation support, operational assistance of Mexican drug eradication programs; training of Mexican personnel to fight against drug industry. (Cook, 2007, p.15)

2.6 The Major measures to reduce the power of the Mexican drug cartels
It is known that the major Mexican drug cartels operate successfully due to support of corrupting law enforcement officials. That is why it is necessary to take measures inside the law enforcement agencies to prevent corruption and exterminate all the drug cartels. As Mexican cartels have close relations with street gangs in the United States, it is necessary to take appropriate actions to control the situation in the country and to prevent drug trade and drug transportation. (Wagner, 2010, para.1)
Of course, it will be better to work cooperatively with Mexican law enforcement in order to obtain positive results.

As Mexican drug cartels have flourished since late 19-th century and have got great power not only in Mexico but also in the United States, this issue is an actual one and requires certain joint actions to be taken by Mexican government and the US government.

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