Research Proposal. Wireless technologies

Today, the use of wireless technologies becomes more and more popular but the wide application of wireless technologies raises a number of problems related to their secure and reliable performance. In fact, wireless technologies have emerged since the late 1990s early 2000s but developers of wireless technologies did not always take into consideration possible problems that may arise in the course of the implementation of wireless technologies, such as WLAN. In actuality, the main problem related to the use of wireless technologies is their reliability and security because often wireless securities are vulnerable to the unauthorized access, whereas, in case of natural disasters, they often fail to perform their functions properly.
In terms of the current study, it is possible to identify three major problems or threats that can undermine the performance of wireless technologies, including natural disasters, hacking and cracking, and cyber crimes. These problems can be divided into two major groups, including natural disasters and human-induced disasters. Natural disasters may lead to failures in the stable performance of wireless technologies, for instance, when signals and microwaves fail to be transmitted under the impact of the weather conditions. However, today, human induced disasters, caused by hacking/cracking or illegal cyber activities, are more serious because they lead to information breaches, identity theft, unauthorized access to private information and other problems, whereas wireless technologies often fail to provide the high level of security to users.
In such a situation, it is extremely important to explore the major threats wireless technologies are currently facing as well as to develop effective ways of prevention of these risks and threats for the reliable and stable performance of wireless technologies.

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