Research Review Protocol: Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

It is known that stressful or traumatic events always have a negative impact on children’s health. Wide range of traumatic events impacts the child’s brain and leads to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. However, many professionals, including doctors, attorneys, and educators, often lack emotional intelligence and fail to provide assistance to parents and their children. The topic that will be discussed in my research paper is The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Professionals who Help Parents and Caregivers to Cope with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in their Children.


In this research paper, I will need to discuss a number of issues, including Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in children and its impact on children’s health; the role of parents and caregivers in providing emotional support to their children with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury; the importance and problems of emotional intelligence in healthcare services, education and legal professions; some solutions to improve emotional intelligence in doctors, educators and attorneys.

The potential subjects that will be discussed in my research paper include children with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (boys and girls aged 5-12, from different ethnic groups), their parents or caregivers, doctors who provide medical assistance to children with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, educators and attorneys. Special subject characteristics include pregnant women, persons with physical handicaps. I will gain access to these potential subjects in the following way: I will interview parents/caregivers and doctors at the rehabilitation center, educators Ēď at schools, and attorneys Ēď at law firms. The subject for the study will be selected in the following way: I will choose those persons who are communicative, who are ready to answer my questions; who have enough experience and can share the appropriate information with me. I will exclude those persons who give vague answers and do not want to participate in the research. In addition, in my research the subjects will be children suffering from severe traumatic brain injury. It is necessary to use these persons as subjects because they will help to evaluate the role of emotional intelligence in professionals who have to deal with this category of children: doctors, educators and attorneys.


Experimental or research procedure will be focused on qualitative research. The presentation of data will be in the form of interviews as the major goal is to understand human behavior and the main reasons that govern such behavior. I will use the following tools: in-depth individual interviews, structured interviews, focus groups interviews, narratives, participant observation and archival research. I will need a pen, a notebook, a tape recorder.

The subject will not be deceived in any way. The routine activities of the subjects who participate in the research will not be interrupted. Compensation will not be provided to the subjects of this study as they will not become disabled as a result of serving as research subjects.


In the interviews with children, parents/caregivers, doctors, educators and attorneys, I will protect the confidentiality of all subjects who participate in the research through assigning each a pseudonym. In addition, I will report the appropriate information with regard to these persons and their identities will remain protected. I will protect the privacy of all person mentioned by the subjects in their interviews.


Consent procedures: I will provide special consent forms for the subjects.

Consent form

I have been given enough information about this research                             YES/NO

It has been properly explained to me how the information I give in the

interview will be used                                                                                      YES/NO

I agree to answer the researcher’s questions about my experiences¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† YES/NO

I understand and agree that I can leave at any time and do not have to

give answers to all the questions                                                                       YES/NO

I give my permission to the researcher to use my personal information           YES/NO

I give my permission to use my words in the report, but understand that

my real name will not be mentioned                                                                  YES/NO


Name _________________________________              Date ___________________


I will handle consent procedures for minors, mentally challenged persons, and persons with significant emotional disturbances in the following way: I will obtain informed consent from their parents/caregivers or legal guardians.


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