Response to the film Moolaade (2004) essay

The film Moolaade (2004) by Ousmane Sembène, the well-known Senegalese writer and film director, have already attracted attention of thousands of viewers from all over the world. The major theme revealed by the writer is the discussion of one of the common traditional practices of African women ”“ the female genital mutilation.  In the film, women face oppression and discrimination, as they have no rights to make serious decisions, while men hold the leading position in African society.  The main character of the film, the African woman Colle, shows resistance against female genital mutilation, or circumcision because this tradition can be regarded as a threat to the personal identity of women and their social development. The women represented in the film Moolaade have desire to change their traditions and customs which are a burden for their life. This film helps to compare maternal practices in African society and American society where women and men have equal rights. Most women in the film act as housewives, but they are unhappy in their marriage. Colle is a good mother who takes care of her daughter, and she nurtures and protects not only her daughter, but also other children in the community. Colle does not want her daughter Amsatou to be purified, because she is afraid that Amsatou will die as well as her other two daughters who died after purification. Besides, Colle helps other girls to avoid purification, saying that “genital mutilation is a bad thing” (Moolaade). To sum up, Moolaade is one of those films which can be used as a tool for potential transformation of African society.

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