Sales Proposal

Sales Proposal
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Dear Mr. ,
Thank you for your interest in our services. In order to give you all the necessary information concerning the services of our firm Pet Nanny, I’d like to represent this proposal which contains all the necessary details of our services.

Pet Nanny is a well developed company which is engaged in providing services for pet owners and their small creatures ”“ cats, dogs, rabbits and so on. Pet Nanny is a leading company in our country which manages such business. We are looking forward to inviting you to our company as a new client.
Pet Nanny offers a set of services for you and for your pets which include day care, feeding, taking your pet out for a walk, treatment of your pet, trimming, training, transportation to another city and others.

Our company consists of qualified specialists who have experience in this sphere of activity. Our specialists are educated employees whose major goal is to provide services at high level. It is necessary to add that there are a lot of positive responses from our clients who are satisfied with the work of our company and who are grateful to our company for providing good services.
Benefits to our clients

Our clients have the following benefits:
Ӣ solving problems with pets quickly and without delay. You may be sure that your pet is in safe keeping and satisfied.
”¢ Permanent connection by the phone. You will have the opportunity to be aware of all the details of your pet’s life around the world, around the clock.
Ӣ Calmness. You will not worry about your pets because the professionals take care of them. You will feel well during your business trip, vocation or holiday because your pet is in safe keeping.
Ӣ Good health of your pets. You may be sure that the specialists of our company will pay special attention to the health of your pets. The appropriate treatment is guaranteed by our company. There are a lot of well-qualified veterinarians at our company who are always ready to render assistance to your pet if something is wrong with him.

Benefits to your pets
It is necessary to say that your pets will also get benefits:
Ӣ Clean. Your pets will be clean and well-cared-for during all the period of your absence.
Ӣ Fat. Your pet will be fed on healthy food and in time.
Ӣ Calm. You pet will be calm because he will live in good conditions but not in the street.
Ӣ Healthy. Your pet will be given an appropriate treatment if necessary.
Ӣ Cheerful. Your pet will communicate with other animals under the care of our specialists.
Ӣ Nice. Your pet will be trimmed and combed that is why the appearance of your pet will be on the highest level.
Ӣ Clever. Our specialists know the main elements of training of dogs that is why your dog will be trained in a proper way. The results will be striking.
I hope that the information given in this sales proposal will be useful and you will make up your mind to deal with our company. We will be happy to help you.
I am looking forward to starting business with you and to have good working relations with your pets. Please, feel free to ask any questions concerning our services.
Best Regards,
Mr. ,
Executive of Name

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