Salvador Dali Essay

Salvador Dali is a prominent artist whose contribution produced a profound impact on the development of art and his influence is still relevant even at the present epoch.

The life of Salvador Dali

The biography and life of Salvador Dali is not less interesting than his professional, artistic career. His artistic works were, to a significant extent, influenced by his personal life, his internal inclinations, interests and traits of character. Hence, it is important to understand his personality and his inclinations through the analysis of his life. At the same time, on analyzing his life, it is possible to reveal the fact that he was acquainted with many outstanding artists of his epoch, such as Pablo Picasso Federico Garcia Lorca and others.

Artistic work

The artistic work of Salvador Dali represents a subject of a profound interest because his surrealistic trends became mainstreams in the first half of the 20th century and produced a profound impact on the development of the modern art. In fact, his works were characterized as extremely original and very different from artistic works of the past or classical works. His paintings were swarmed with symbols. At the same time, in many of his works, it is possible to trace profound philosophic ideas and thoughts which he attempted to convey to the audience by means of his artistic works. In this point, it is possible to dwell upon some of his major works such as “Soft Clocks” and others


In conclusion, it is necessary to stress the significance of Salvador Dali and his contribution in the development of modern art, especially in regard to a considerable progress of surrealism.

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