Self-Concept Analysis essay

In actuality, my self-concept analysis reveals a number of important facts about my personal development and traits of my character. The analysis of self-concept helps to reveal my personal strengths and weaknesses. In this regard, I would point out that my major personal traits of character affect consistently my behavior and I believe that personal traits of character are crucial for the adequate personal analysis. In fact, the self-concept analysis I conducted has revealed the fact that I am very concerned with my internal world and reasoning that affect my behavior, social relations and communication skills, but still I can keep progressing because, if I am capable to self-concept analysis, then I can identify my weaknesses and eliminate them, but some characteristics are very surprising for me.

In fact, I would like to dwell upon the traits of characters that surprised me the most, which I have identified in the course of self-concept analysis. In this regard, I would rank the following traits of character as the most surprising for me: I am adaptable, giving, observant, calm, logical, and shy. In fact, my adaptability was quite surprising for me because I always believed that I am capable to independent decision-making, regardless of the impact of my social environment, peers, authorities and other people. In fact, I tried to choose my way but, as it turned out, I often make choices being under the impact of my environment. In fact, I adapt to my environment unconsciously. I just take it for granted and when I follow the lead of my social environment, for instance, I believe this is my choice.

Furthermore, I am giving that is actually a characteristic of mine because I was always inclined to sharing what I have with my siblings and my friends. However, I have not believed that I am really giving. I just believed that, if I share something with my friends, it is just normal and everyone does this way. At the same time, I am quite observant that is very important for me and I believe that this quality can be very helpful in my professional career. However, I have never thought of my observation skills and how well they are developed.

In addition, I am calm and this characteristic is quite natural for me because I know that it is difficult to make me nervous but sometimes I still have difficulties with coping with my temper. In fact, when I lose my temper, I am out of control but I lose my temper very seldom. Probably, I am clam because I am logical that is another surprising characteristic of mine. Frankly speaking, I have never tried to be logical but probably this is the result of the regular practice. Logic helps to tackle my problems and find plausible solutions in difficult situations.

Finally, I found out that I am shy that was quite surprising for me because I have never had serious difficulties with communicating with different people. However, I should recognize that some issues make me embarrassed and I try to avoid them, while communicating with people, especially, if we are not well-acquainted. Therefore, my shyness is surprising for me but still this is the characteristic of mine.

At the same time, in the course of my self-concept analysis, I have revealed the fact that my reflective appraisal helped me to identify key characteristics of mine and explain them for myself. In fact, I was really surprised with many characteristics I have revealed in myself. However, I have managed to explain virtually all of them. Now I can explain my adaptability, giving, calmness and other issues, which I have identified in the course of my self-concept analysis. In this regard, I can do my best to provide a clear characteristic of mine. At any rate, my self-concept analysis and reflective appraisal help me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. For instance, I believe I have to tackle my shyness because it can prevent me from effective communication with other people. In some situations, I should be bolder to stand on my ground and to avoid adaptability. My reflective appraisal emerged due to my logic, probably.

I identify my calmness through my self-comparison to other people, whom I know. In fact, I found them much more nervous and tempered than I am. Instead, I am calm and can keep the situation under control. In such a way, the comparison of myself with other people helped me to reveal my calmness.

At the same time, I have made some insights, such as the discovery of my shyness and adaptability. In such a way, my self-concept analysis helped me to reveal new things about me and my traits of character.

Thus, the self-concept analysis is very helpful for understanding of myself. At any rate, I have managed to reveal many traits of my character through detailed analysis of my traits of character, behavior and comparison with other people.


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