Self-defense essay

Almost every minute we can meet somebody or something dangerous. It is an obvious fact, but for some reason nobody wants to understand it. There is belief in our consciousness that if the brick has to fall over, it for sure will damage the other person’s head. We tend to think that our problems are caused rather by bad luck or inexplicable concurrence of circumstances than by our wrong actions.

Meanwhile, specialists insist that as usual we are guilty in our problems ourselves. Very often it is mentioned about warnings or timely interference, but for example during the natural disaster it is not enough, because people almost never make necessary conclusions from their bitter experience. That is why physical and psychological readiness to meet the emergency situation for the person is more important than state measures. To be ready means to save your life. To foresee what can happened means to have more opportunities to stay alive.

In a broad context we can consider self-defense as a person’s ability to resist different kinds of negative influence that somebody tries to exercise upon him (her). Repelling an attack of a street robber, shooting at a burglar, preventing Internet attack, responding to verbal abuser, exposing a fraud, surviving terrorist attack, showing political protest against antisocial law – it all can be referred to self-defense. (, 2004). In the wide sense the self-defense system can be represented both by martial arts and hand-to-hand combat.

Various specialists have completely opposite views on this matter. As usual it is referred to the Israeli Krav Maga, which originally was created for self-defense purposes and has great practical arsenal of techniques. Also well known Russian Sambo was also originally made for this purpose; that is also mentioned in its name. There are other similar systems, which, however, are not so famous.

Taking into consideration the fact that crime has already spread in any place of the city, both at home and in the street, every person should think about his security and be ready for possible danger psychologically and physically. Many people underestimate themselves, so it is very important to know that the human organism has unforeseen resources, especially when something threaten it. At that moment blood gets a great number of adrenaline and the muscle and self-preservative instinct becomes stronger.

What should the person do if he faced the enemy in the dark street, who with the gun in his pocket pretended on his property?

Ten Main Rules of Self-Defense

1. Always keep an eye on everything that is happening nearby, avoid falling into all potentially dangerous situations.

2. Try to find refuge or help. If it is possible, just run, evaluated before this distance and your own sport skills.

3. Attract the attention of passersby and local residents crying: “Fire!” Fear of being in the fire convinces people that usually do not want to interfere with the normal cries for help, look out the window and thus become unnecessary witnesses to the offender.

4. When the affair is inevitable, you should take it, acting with all your resolution.

5. To achieve success try to distract the attacker’s attention, then suddenly, quickly and accurately hit his weak points.

6. Act without any delay, with the greatest possible power so that striker will be unable to answer. If your reaction is weak, it will make bandit angrier. If attacked person is woman, only speed and accuracy can withstand a man’s physical strength. Such action is particularly justified if there is a real threat to life.

7. Any available object applies as a weapon of protection (keys, comb, deodorant spray, and umbrella, a handful of coins, shoes, bag, sand, stones, or stick).

8. Unexpected encounter with a violent and armed person, who does not avoid strong expressions, with a mask covering his face, can lead to confusion even strong and physically prepared people. Great willpower will help to overcome fear and act calmly.

9. Selection of behavior strategies is an individual thing. Proceed to circumstances, involving your mind and wit as an assistant.

  1. Physical consistency is a guarantee of personal safety: reducing the fear, it increases the efficiency of your resistance.

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