Self Development

Self development in leadership is a never ending process. I think that it is essential to develop skills and knowledge constantly and achieve greater goals. As a fact, self development or personal growth means the updating of human potential (psychological and spiritual) that the person can do beyond their natural development as a function of age. With personal growth work a person learns, through self-awareness, and he is able to realize the ability to think, feel and act to: use free or independent thinking, mastering a responsible freedom, being the leader himself, and having emotional health.
It shows that a different work can be done with psychotherapy, aimed at solving specific problems. However, at times, both types of work overlap and complement each other. You could say that sort of psychotherapy is something that is messy, that is, the passage of the disruption to the organization, from chaos to balance growth while trying to reach personal fulfillment, for example, once the organization has balance, it is able to develop its own capacity for joy, vitality and creativity, according to Self development (2011).
A metaphor that can help differentiate the work of psychotherapy of personal growth work is to imagine that each person has his own garden and is responsible for its care. The work of psychotherapy is to clear it of rocks, shrubs and weeds, soil removal, plug the holes, etc., Or to leave the land in good condition, while working on personal growth, being clean and the ground, water and care best flowers and plants to grow healthy and beautiful, expressing all its beauty to delight himself and others.
There are different techniques for personal growth. Classifying them according to what each technique tends to enhance even if it is possible that each of them acting in varying degrees in other fields:
Bodily-emotional techniques: Vegetotherapy or orgonomy; Bioenergetic analysis; Primal therapy; Primal affective analysis; Renaissance or Rebirthing (Leonard Orr); Somaterapia.
Techniques of self-awareness: Gestalt Therapy; Enneagram of Personality; Dream run; Sophrology; Mind Control; Psychosynthesis.
Interpersonal skills: Transactional Analysis; Psychodrama; Coaching.
In my personal experience I find most effective to improve spiritual development with a Bodily-emotional technique and to find the balance between my activities. I think that it is important to be able to see the limits, the possibilities and perspectives, to maintain the equilibrium in life and to reach harmony in everyday life. I presume that self development for each person is crucial, and that each person has to understand how important it is. There are many issues that show how challenging today is to find a job and to communicate, that is why it can be considered a sign to improve skills and knowledge that a person has, and to continue developing them every day.
All in all, self development is the name of the theme that encompasses the various skills, concepts, techniques and resources related to the development of human potential. Development requires a cognitive growth, personal, which is observed through the behavior (means the talk, how to be) Some themes commonly associated with personal development are self, personal and professional achievement, planning staff, time management, interpersonal communication, human relationship, quality of life, entrepreneurship, mental power, leadership, motivation, productivity, financial education, and personal marketing. Personal development is perceived like as a progressive process that continues throughout life, at a speed defined by the person’s own desire for development, or by external events, for example in the form of personal crises that can provoke personal development.

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