Self-Introduction essay

A human life is divided into three distinct periods: past, present and future. Even though we live in the present, our past and our future are not less important for us than our present. At the same time, our past, present and future are closely intertwined and our past actions and life define our present, while our present actions and life define our future.

Looking back into my past, I should say that my past is the foundation to my present life. As long as I remember myself, I set certain goals which I wanted to meet, but, now, I understand that without those past achievements I will not have any good prospects in the future. In fact, everyday in my past was something new for me. I learned some new information, develop new skills, made new acquaintances and so on. My school years, my education and family life shaped my views and beliefs and set the basis for my professional career.

In the present, my personality is shaped and I have basic beliefs, ideas and principles which I do not want to betray and which were formed in my past. Nevertheless, I am focused not on my past but on my present life since I have new goals to achieve and, therefore, I have to act. At the moment, I am working on the development of my professional skills to succeed and make a good professional career.

As for my future, I have an optimistic vision of it. I want to develop my own business and succeed in this field due to my hard work at the present and past experience. It is very important for me to know what I want because it defines my present actions by means of which I attain my life goals.

Thus, my past, present and future are closely intertwined and inseparable from each other.

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