Self Reflection Essay

The course had a considerable impact on my professional and personal development. Even though effects of the course may be not obvious, at first glance, but I expect to have positive effects from the course in a long-run perspective. At any rate, I feel a considerable progress I have already made on completing the course. At the same time, I would like to analyze in details the impact of the course on my professional and personal development and assessment of its possible effects.

First of all, I have improved my knowledge, skills, abilities, and myself. To put it more precisely, I have developed my writing skills and, what is more, I have developed by analytical skills. The course encouraged to develop my analytical thinking because it was essential for my successful performance. In such a way, I have managed to improve my writing because I have accustomed to analyze the information I collected and plan my writing process accurately. At the same time, the course contributed to the development of my organizational skills because I had to schedule my work accurately and perform all the tasks on time. Therefore, the course contributed to my professional and personal development because I developed skills essential for my future work. In addition, I became more proficient in writing and analysis of the diverse information obtained from multiple sources.

At the same time, the course was quite challenging for me because some tasks were really difficult to complete. At this point, I would dwell upon the evaluation of my work and ways to perform better. In fact, I performed multiple tasks, which though match my level of personal and professional development. They were challenging enough to make me feel my progress and understand that I grow with every task completed in the course. On the other hand, I could perform better, if I had started to plan all my work from the beginning. Instead, I came to the idea of the accurate planning of all my work, step by step. In such a way, I would perform better, if I used this approach from the very beginning.

In fact, some topics raised certain difficulties and the course material could be improved. In this regard, I have faced certain difficulties with studying some specific groups and their health problems. I believe, it would be easier for me if the course material contained certain options to choose from. On the other hand, such tasks were challenging enough to stimulate my active work and, in spite of difficulties, I have managed to cope with the tasks.

Today, I believe the course still contributes to my further professional and personal development. In fact, there are different ways I can measure effects of the course on my professional development and progress. For instance, I can measure my academic success and expertise in the topics discussed in the course. If I make progress after the course, I believe the course was effective and contributed to my long-run development.

Basically, I reached the course goals and I believe this course was very helpful for my professional and personal development.

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