Serial Killers

1. The site covering serial killers’ information from all over the world is well-organized and deals with female serial killers and their victims and branches out into the profiles of the world’s most famous criminals with their pictures in them. The site also presents illustrative data attached to the profiles that concerns the lives of the “society’s biggest plagues”.
The source is of particular interest as it gives readers an insight into “the mind of a psycho that can be a fascinating yet horrifying thing”. It includes such homicides as Boston Strangler, Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, Ed Gein, Green River Killer, Karla Homolka, Ted Bundy, Zodiac Killer etc. Movies included into the profiles of the most famous killers tell about people possessed with murders and “feeding on the pain”¦, misery of innocent human prey”.
The site is of great help to those who search for basic information on serial killers and need comparison or generalization of killers committing crimes in different epochs.

2. The article “Most Popular Serial Killers” with cynical title presents an overview of the killers’ lives and case actions as well as their inquests and executions. They have collected the most brutal serial killers whose motives still remain unclear. They are Robert Pickton, Ted Bundy, Green
River Murder, The Rostov Ripper, Eddie Gein, The Frankford Slasher, Albert Fish and surely Jack the Ripper, the most mysterious serial killer.

The narration about the serial killers of all times is at times artistic and romantic, as Bundy, for instance, is portrayed as “a handsome, educated law student” and Jack the Ripper appears and dissolves in the fog “kills violently and quickly”, “he satisfies his blood lust with ever-increasing ferocity, culminating in the near destruction of his final victim”.
Description of such nature is thought-provoking and makes readers concentrate on the most essential life turns of the killers and carries them away into the psychological profiles study and analysis.

3. “Science, Intuition and Hope; The Art of Personality Profiling” deals with serial killers and mass murders’ reasons of killing. It discusses antisocial personality disorder and the changes a killer’s mind undergoes, it finds the reasons of the unsolved cases of murders.
Studying the roots of serial killers behavior, their motives may assist in predicting their actions and leading more successful investigations. The necessity of the technique development is obvious as “according to FBI Behavioral Unit study 85% of the world’s serial killers are in America”.

According to Mike Rustigan, “they feel no guilt, no remorse”¦and don’t learn from mistakes”.
FBI experts apply to new multi-disciplinary approach to investigation of serial murders that efficiently uncovers the offences’ motives and helps to consider the behavioral patterns.

4. Another article “Serial Killers” concerns understanding the phenomenon of a serial killer, overviews the types and characterizes each of them. It provides thoroughly systematized theoretic material on serial murders and explains the difficulties the authorities encounter while investigating their crimes. Pursuing serial killers and understanding them remains remarkably difficult despite all the work done by psychiatrists, psychologist and forensic psychologies in particular.

Experts consider, “many serial killers are psychopaths”, so they “can carry out terrible crimes without emotional distress”, that is considered incurable. Therefore, the article informs of the necessity “to build a psychological profile of the serial killer” as well as involving victimology specialists and those who carry out geographical profiling.
The article is invaluable for understanding the ways a serial killers is tracked down.

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