Serial Killers

Talking about the motives of serial killers, the most important question to address is “why”? Actually, there is no proved answer here. Long years of investigation gave us numerous theories about problem’s roots and all of them have the right to exist. For example, Robert Ressler and Tom Shachtman argue that the phenomenon of serial killing takes its roots from neglect and abuse, which are experienced by person in childhood (Ressler, Robert Schactman 17). Another theory devoted to “psychological pathology” of serial killers. However, there is not a talk about inability to understand consequences of own actions, what is the key feature of insanity in fact. Scholars outline that some of serial killers are psychopaths (antisocial personality disorder). This pathology appearance at the age of 15 and average (Douglas 1). Other theory states that socially dangerous behavior of serial killers is caused by brain damages. Here is the quote from Shirley Lyn study, who is the supporter of this idea: “Damage to areas like the frontal lobe, the hypothalamus and the limbic system can contribute to extreme aggression, loss of control, loss of judgment and violence” (Lynn 1). Moreover, there are some specific theories, which can be strongly argued by the way. For example, the article uploaded to Spiritual Science Research Foundation’s site contains the idea that 95% percent of all serial killing cases are caused by spiritual roots, and mostly determined by persons’ demonic possession by medium level ghosts from the 2nd region of Hell (Spiritual Science Research Foundation 1). So, there is still no clear answer why do serial killers conduct crimes. As the result, multiple roots of social deviation do not allow humankind to deal with this dangerous phenomenon.

The last part to talk about are needful measures to prevent serial killing.
Taking into account previous analysis, there is pretty clear conclusion that humankind is not enabled to deal with this problem once and forever. Nobody can be insured from inadequate education in childhood, sociological troubles and brain damages at last. Moreover, as it was learnt, it is practically impossible to distinguish serial killers from normal people. However, looking dreadful conclusion brings us very important thought ”“ the only way to prevent serial killing is not to become victim! Thereby, we are all encouraged to follow extra precaution tips. Rather comprehensive list of them presented by Carl Kolchak, who points out next items ”“ follow your instincts, avoid car walks with strangers, avoid communication with a stranger in solitudes, avoid strangers, who try to look weaker then you or injured, beware of dark unfrequented places (Kolchak, 2-3). These simple tips following is the only way out to prevent serial killing, as “treating panacea” hardly will be found.

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