Sex Education in Schools

Sex education is the important part of raising a child, adolescent, young man, and it is unreasonably and criminally to let it run itself. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia cites that:

Sex education is a broad term used to describe education

about human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual

intercourse, reproductive health, emotional relations,

reproductive rights and responsibilities, contraception,

and other aspects of human sexual behavior.

Each baby will be male or female, thus raising a child must form the valuable representative of their gender.

Some teachers and parents believe that sex education should begin when children enter the period of puberty. Unfortunately, at this age teenagers have already received numerous information about it from the same ignorant and illiterate coevals, who got their knowledge from different sources, including practice.

Sex education in the family should be started from the first days of child’s life. The main parents’ role, which will be reinforced by teachers at schools and other educational establishments later on, is to make the rational base for sex identification, differentiation and socialization. That will allow the child to obtain an accurate understanding of the relationship between the sexes, forming the rules of conduct in sexual activity preparing for marriage and family life.

Parents should know the basic steps of psychosexual development and the principles of sex education in order to help and correct the harmonicity of the adolescent’s development. Family plays a very important role in protecting teenagers from harmful behavior. Frank discussion of questions related to HIV and STIs between parents and children will enable them to learn safer ways of conduct among the contemporaries.

On the later stages of psychological development schools should play the central role as a source of information on health risks, including HIV, STDs and pregnancies. School is the only variant of the prophylactic work.

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