Shakespeare’s plays essay

What do you feel after reading Shakespeare’s plays or sonnets? Sadness, sympathy, happiness, embarrassing, it could be any emotion, but it always makes you be engrossed in thoughts. You will never say that his plays are only mundane waste of ink. William Shakespeare is one of the most mysterious authors, I think. Why it is so? We do not know who was hiding under this name, nevertheless, there are many suggestions and Shakespeare is seemed to be a simple illiterate man. However, anyone who read at least one his work understood that language used in them is difficult and on the high level. Definitely, this question will be popular and worrying for humanity for many years.

The significance, prominence and eternality of Shakespeare’s works helped him to go down in the history of literature as a great classic; I am going to illustrate this through this paper.

Shakespeare’s plays are always influence on people, they are fascinating and truthfully, sincere and touching. Each of his tragedies shows us pure evil or eternal love: different human’s relationships that are why Shakespeare’s works are famous and needed throughout the centuries. Time changes and people change with it, but main problems and questions are still the same. It can generally be said that this great author shows many-sided people’s relations and feelings, contradictory or high-minded actions. When I was reading “King Lear” and “Hamlet”, it suddenly occurred to me that although these plays are both about royalty and dysfunctional families, they are both tell us about meanness and betrayal, the world of Hamlet is not such bleak as King Lear’s one.

Two tragedies, two pains, two destinies”¦ after reading words echoed around my head, I was absorbed in the stories. Trying to ignore my intense feelings, I began to analyze these tragedies. Lear believed feigned sweet talks of two daughters, but one, who only said the truth, was an exile. He chose the way on his own, and than he paid in full. This mistake coasted to him too much: life of his sincere daughter and his own. As far as I am concerned, life in royal families and its retinue always is incomplete; the point is that King has many envious persons and enemies, which feign and lie to rich their crafty aims. It is so hard to distinguish good person from bad, but at least family should be out of suspicion. However, how could he trust to such blatant lie?

Hamlet lost his father, who was killed by the king. Moreover, his mother was dishonored by the same man. Thus, for the reasons given above, Hamlet’s heart was full of revenge lust. After the king was unmasked, Hamlet was betrayed and send far away, nevertheless, he returned to find the truth. At the end many people died, unfortunately, Hamlet too. This story is difficult and fascinating. It takes your breath and a part of your heart, as Shakespeare’s works usually do.

Shakespeare’s plays touch human feelings and relationships, first, friendship and love. That is why people are looking for the answers for their questions in Shakespeare’s creations. That is why this man is known by each of us. That is why his works leave some trace in our minds and hearts.

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