Sherman Alexie Flight Response Essay

In this essay I would like to describe the violence, reflected in the novel by Sherman Alexie ”“ “Flight”¯. it should be noted that violence ”“ is an effect without consent in respect of an individual or a group. As a rule, the degree of violence is measured by the severity of the damage caused to the victim. There are different kinds of violence, among them are: inter- or intra-racial hostility, political violence, terrorism, war, child abuse, or sexual assault. There are numerous classifications of violence depending on the trait, among them are:

ļ‚¾ By the principle of action: physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, etc.

ļ‚¾ On social grounds: political, religious, domestic, gender, violence against minors, animal abuse, etc.

ļ‚¾ On the number of victims: the massive, group, individual.

ļ‚¾ On the shape of the damage: the threat of terrorism, extortion, rape, attacks on property or territory, the promotion of violence through the media, etc.

Thesis statement: violence is considered one of the cruelest expressions of physical force against people. The novel describes different situations that reflect violence from different sides, showing hatred, pain and suffering of people, which is the consequence of violence. As a matter of fact, any form of violence is unacceptable. The novel is written in first person, from the perspective of Native American teen who calls himself spots, “travel back in time mass murderer”¯.

The novel describes the life of Zit, who is a foster child, and who has spent most of his life, who has faced different negative experiences. It can be said that in the novel Zit enters a new way of thinking, and the thoughts considering the commitment of various kinds of violence. During the one of these incidents, Zit “represents”¯ the body of a stranger, who will be the first of many such incidents. History confronts feelings of Zit’s “vulnerability, understood as a teenager, orphaned children, as well as Native American people, as described in Sherman Alexie discusses Flight, his first novel in a decade.

For me, there were several aspects that influenced my perception of the violence, first of all it was different transformation of the main character: FBI Agent Hank Storm, Indian boy, Indian tracker, pilot Jimmy, Zit’s father.

In the “Flight”¯ are present different themes: adolescence, morality, native American, and violence. Theme violence describes: “I get into arguments and fights with everyone. I am so angry that I was going blind and deaf and dumb”¯, as stated in Time-Traveling Lessons for a Teenager on the Verge. Zit’s starts off as very angry and violent man. He is so violent, that he expresses his hatred and anger on anyone around him. The boy also became a witness of violence, when he experienced transformations. By going through the events that he can not change anything, he realizes that the violence was severe consequences. And, understanding the way the violence affects people who surround him, he decides that he is living wrong, and he has to change something.

As a matter of fact, the origins of violence and destruction in the novel refer to the issues of morality, perception of life and racism. As well, the novel reflects the life of minorities, their views on life and ethnic groups. Also, problems in society can be the origin of violence. This can lead to the serious consequences and sometimes even murder.

Considering the Native American issue, the author describes the racism and also stigma that refer to a Native American. He also understands the influence of minority views on life, depending on the background. As a fact, Zit understood that all people have different views and ideals. Zit learned a lot about “his own people”¯, when he found out that “his own story”¯ lied to him. As a fact, there are always different sides of the story.

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