Shifting Heart by Richard Beynon essay

Australia ”¦ It is a country of contrasts and my new home now. Frankly speaking, Australia or the Australian life – as elsewhere, includes good and bad sides”¦ Every person has own perception of life and it is a part of human nature that also includes its self-appraisal, but a reality is exists around us and it is difficult to deny it, or, moreover, do not notice it at all. I would like to describe my emotions and thoughts about new life in Australia. First of all, I want to say that I like this country, but I don’t like its people, and their attitude to our family, and I understood that it’s greatly influenced on my life style and attitude to situation.

I was thinking a lot about how my life has changed and I am not really happy that now we should life in Australia, because this country shows hostility to my family and it is hard to struggle for own place in it from day to day. I understand that members of my family are strangers to Australians, but we are people, with open hearts and we wish to live in peace, but not in “war” with our neighbors and surroundings. Yes, we are Italians, but we are good people and we have a right to live good in our new country.

I was always interested in the question: why people of other nations hate strangers and try to destroy them? There are many answers on it: maybe they like their country and try to protect their native land, maybe they think badly about strangers, or I even do not know what to say”¦ It will be not true to say that all our neighbors hate us, we have friendly, but noisy relationships with one family of our neighbors, from one hand, but also we have “war” from other hand. I can call our situation as depiction of the xenophobia of Old Australians towards our family as to representatives of Italian migrants.

We have many hardships in our family, but we try to stay normal people and help each other in difficult moments. It was hard sometimes to suffer from misunderstanding and stay one friendly family with own traditions and good attitude to surrounding reality. In some cases, it seems to me that it is impossible to prove to Australians that we are people, who can feel pain and suffer from such attitude to us.  Nevertheless, I believe in future new life and in fact that situation will change in the better side, because our life is like zebra and white strip follows black one. I remember rare times of delights and they help me to be strong in times of great disappointments, because happy times are reminiscences of power for me.

For the end I want to say that migration to Australia was maybe right decision, because we believe in people, but I am not happy here because people in their mass hate us for nothing, only for the fact that we are Italians. We have some friends here, but in my opinion, all people should have equal rights in spite of country where they live and where they try to find their happiness and find their home. I am sure that I will find the way to live in this country, but I understand that it will be hard way that I like a person with strong character should pass through with dignity.

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