How come people love shopping so much that they are ready to spend their last cent on an absolutely useless thing?

Is it the marketing trick or psychology of some people? Personally, I love shopping very much. Sometimes I catch myself at the feeling that I need to buy something, it does not even matter what exactly. People who spend most of their time and money on shopping are usually called shopaholics. As every addiction, shopaholism begins from an ordinary visit to a shop to accompany a friend. Psychologists say shopaholism might start from the need to relieve the daily routine, the opportunity to afford pleasure and the desire to be abreast with the times and to follow the fashion.

For the majority of people, shopping becomes a good way to relax. The majority of women, especially housewives, spend most of their time at home, taking care of children, cooking and tidying up. This routine becomes their way of life and does not leave time for any entertainment, except for rare visits of friends or going to cinema or a restaurant from time to time. Therefore, women start looking for an occupation that might distract them from everyday duties.

Most women, including me, find it in shopping. When I was twenty-two and was only starting my family life, I imagined myself a happy housewife, spending her time waiting for her husband at home. Ten years later I understood that even happy family life and living in plenty may become a burden if you do not have any other occupation.

Thus, I decided to find the way to afford pleasure and to make my life more interesting. I resorted to shopping and I came to love it. When I come home with bags full of new things, which might be even useless in future, my spirits rise. The process of going shopping with friends, trying on clothes, choosing new accessories or pieces of furniture does bring much joy and pleasure. However, it absorbs and soon it is impossible to spend several days without going to a shop and buying at least a trifle. The most pernicious influence of shopping is the impossibility to get rid of the dependence, as it still remains the only way to relax.

Undoubtedly, buying new things is conditioned by the desire to follow the fashion. Women cannot tolerate that they do not have clothes from the latest collections. Therefore, they look through all fashion magazines and then rush to shops and boutiques in order to purchase the best and exclusive clothes. Being abreast with the times is bred in the bone of women and it favors love for shopping. Today shopping has become an essential part of my life. I do not mean everyday shopping in order to buy food. When I speak about shopping as about my hobby, I mean buying something that can bring pleasure to me, can distract me and add some more happy moments to my life.

To crown all, shopaholism is quite widespread among women, especially among housewives, and this can be explained from the psychological point of view. The underlying reasons for the development of dependence from shopping are women’s desire to relieve the monotony of life. Women, who are tired of everyday household duties, resort to shopping as to the way of relaxation. Very often this seemingly harmless hobby develops into an addiction.

As far as I love shopping myself and realize my dependence from it, I stick to an opinion that it is necessary to control our desires but it is impossible to bereave a woman of probably the only pleasure in her life. Shopping absorbs but this absorption is delightful indeed.

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