Should Parents be Allowed to Select the Sex of their Baby? essay

The question of whether parents should be allowed to select the sex of their baby seems to cause a number of ethical contradictions, and the advantages and disadvantages of a sex selection are often hard to distinguish. Many parents consider sex selection rather controversial in regard to natural fertility on the one hand, and various selection techniques on the other. The following research is aimed at persuading that there are more disadvantages of the sex selection of a baby than its advantages. The research analyzes the works of prominent scientists in this sphere and provides detailed information on the drawbacks of the sex selection. The points discussed within the research deal with the reasons for the sex selection, its safety, cost and guarantees. It investigates the question of what the parents are deprived of, in case they decide to choose the sex of their child.

What Makes Parents Decide to Choose a Gender of their Baby?

In order to give evidence that it is not advisable for parents to choose sex of their baby, it is important to discuss the pros and cons of the sex selection. Speaking about the advantages of sex selection it is important to note that they are not as significant as the drawbacks of this procedure. The main advantage of the sex selection of a baby is the ability to control the family size. The sex selection gives couples an opportunity to have either a boy or a girl in their family without the necessity to try again. It is widely known that most couples would like to have two children of different gender. And the sex selection provides them such an opportunity. Another advantage is that couples may not only get the gender they want, but also in the order they want. For example, some parents prefer to have an elder son and a younger daughter. In such a way, the main reason for parents to select the sex of their baby is family balancing. Moreover, owing the sex selection, parents would have more time to prepare for the baby’s birth. Besides, some parents feel that they are more suited to bring up a child of a certain gender. In this case, the sex selection may also come handy.

A Feeling of Surprise

Despite obvious advantages of the sex selection stated above, the childbirth has always been a great surprise. And the selection of a baby’s sex ruins the feeling of anticipation and excitement preceding the childbirth. The major disadvantage of the sex selection deals with an ethical issue. The choice of a baby’s gender interferes with the natural process of selection (Akchurin, Kartzke). In the course of human history, the sex of a newborn baby has always been associated with a feeling of surprise and considered an uncontrollable part of the lifecycle. Nowadays, the technological development has reached a point when parents may not only find out the sex of a baby before birth, but also to select the baby’s gender. It is certainly a progress in reproductive technologies which gives parents a right to choose and ability to gain control over numerous aspects in childbearing. However, other family members and friends of the parents who decide to select a gender of their child might disagree with such actions. It is also related to the ethical issues of the sex selection. If the gender of a child is determined there would be no surprise and excitement that parents experience when the baby’s sex is not selected.

High Cost and Guarantees

The sex selection is rather expensive, as the medical sex selection techniques may cost up to 20 thousand dollars. Not only it is a procedure that costs a fortune, it also does not give any guarantees. Despite the high cost of the procedure, parents may not eventually get the gender they wanted, as no medical technique has complete accuracy (Waters 38). Imagine the disappointment of parents who have spent much money for the procedure, made all the preparations for the newborn and did not get what they wanted. This is one of the major disadvantages of the sex selection. It is advisable for parents to think twice before making a decision to select the gender of their child. The decision they make may lead to regret in the future. Much time might pass before parents realize that it would be better if they had a child of a different gender. Such regrets do not take place in case a child is conceived in a natural way.

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