Significant event in my life

I’d like to tell you one interesting story. As you understand from this paper title my story will be about significant event in my life. But I want to be honest with you and also I want to share my emotions and thoughts about this event. This work will be about how getting my driver’s license was a significant event in my life.

From my early childhood I had a dream to be a driver. Yes, it is true; I want to be a driver and to help people to get places which they need.

Now I understand that it was really funny dream and only a little person can imagine own future profession in such a way and explain it in such words. My father had an excellent dark car at that moment and it was a holiday for me, when I was in car with him. I was very proud to be near my father and all my friends envied me. I think that you understand how much such situation meant for a little person and maybe then my dream about driver’s career was born. My father tried to teach me and I was really happy at that time.

Now I’m a grown up person and I got driver’s license. I think that getting driver’s license is a really large event in the life of every person: we find lordship over power of motor, over a big amount of horse powers which is submissive from now to our will and are ready to serve us from this moment. It is talked, that head and hands of driver ”“ it is a main part which composed a car good work and it really helps to drive good, if petrol is enough. Deep sense is covered in this humorous saying. Blind force of car, inspired by our mind, became useful force and I even can say that it became also creative force. In such a way and in a light of such understanding of question, getting driver’s license for a person is a very considerable fact. And, doing justice for every success in life, we should remember that our birth as drivers is a significant event in our life, and a birth certificate (I mean in this situation driver’s license) ”“ we should keep with care, be proud of it. I want to be a very good driver and I want to have no bad marks in it.

And right now I want to talk a little bit about modesty. We should remember and understand that to operate levers and buttons of a car it is possible to learn after a half an hour. But let’s analyze driver’s skills and note that truly good to drive a car, to know conformities of traffic, foresees the change of situation on traffic way, confidently and faultlessly to operate car in a critical situation is a large science. Therefore not think that after passing all important examinations and getting driver’s license we can consider ourselves good professional drivers. As I said in the beginning of this paper getting driver’s license was a significant event in my life, it was very happy moment, but also with my driver’s license I got enormous responsibility not only for my own life, but also for lives of all participants of the traffic. Let be honest with each other and talk true that “new drivers” (I’m a part of this notion too) yet are inexperienced, and that is why not too reliable drivers. I look to the special literature and find such information that from data of international statistics, the graduating students of driver’s courses find all necessary for the safe driving skills only after seven years of work at the wheel that correspond the run of car approximately in 200 thousand kilometers. So, a man can appear on any of these two hundred thousand kilometers, whose death can not be prevented. I remember that I should be careful, constantly vigilant at the wheel. The amateurs of statistics will contrast adopted data by other information: in account of Americans, a driver rides from damage to the damage on the average during seventy years about sixteen hours in a day with a speed of forty miles in an hour. For seventy years of such a lot of hours speed drive – one damage. As though there are no reasons for the special agitations. But the information which is present here has another side. We know that every half an hour on the roads of the world perish or get maimed something about 450 persons. Yes, I agree that it is very cruel statistics. Cruel, and even by nothing justified tragedies. It is necessary to take into account that damage hides human grief and often human death.

At general decline of traffic accidents through fault of public drivers in the world an accident rate is increased among the proprietors of individual transport. Anxious symptom: in fact the number of proprietors of cars and motor cycles grows swiftly… Does it mean that will grow amount of traffic accidents? No, certainly, it does not mean such. If future drivers will be good taught by their instructors, then nothing bad would happen with them.

It is never possible to hope on own experience and skills. A driving is eternal school. And success will be scored an only by a man persistent, in everything aspiring to perfection, tireless in development of the best qualities and capabilities. I want to be such person and became a good driver. I think that getting my driver’s license is a first my step to the world of cars. I’m happy that I got this license and I proud for my successful driver’s exams. My old dreams became true and I feel that these emotions are really great.

At the end of my paper I want once more note that this event had a great meaning for me and now I can be a driver. My father always told me that we are (drivers) responsible for our life, for lives of other people and also of course we are responsible for our car. As for me, to be a driver of modern car is not a game, I think that it is very serious process and in any rate it is an art which is need not only physical, but also intellectual activity. My driver’s school is only beginning now and I want to do my best for the further driver’s successful career. I know that it is difficult art, long and hard process, but I ready for it and happy that the first step on this way was done.

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