Similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism Essay Paper

Buddhism and Hinduism are widespread all over Asia. These religions are fundamental ones. Both Hinduism and Buddhism first appeared in South Asia and that is why they have similar philosophy and even share some religious terms and notions.

The most striking similarity between these Buddhism and Hinduism is that many people believe them to be more philosophical than religious. The essential belief of both of them is the idea of immortal soul and sole reincarnation.

These two religions constantly borrow something from each other from the very early times.

Buddhism followers as well as Hinduism followers strongly believe in Karma and Dharma. The notions differ a little bit but the main ideas of these two notions are the same in both religions. Karma reflects the belief that everything a person does and even thinks has its results and consequences, either good or bad; and Dharma in both religions refers to a sense of duties and obligations that people have to fulfill their roles and functions in society main of which are reproduction, and attaining Nirvana which means to find one’s place in life and accept all that happens to the person peacefully.

One more striking similarity between Hinduism and Buddhism is that both of them were supported by Indian rulers and followers of none of them had never been persecuted for their beliefs in spite of the rulers’ religion. For instance, Buddhist monarchs of India treated Hindu teachers with respect, and a lot of Buddhist temples were constructed with the participation and under the auspices of Hindu kings.

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