Similarities between Princess Ariel and Princess Jasmine

Although these two young girls have a lot of differences, for example, Princess Ariel is a mermaid but Princess Jasmine is a human, these two characters differ in their appearances and in some traits of character, they have a great deal of common features:
both Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel are of the same age;
two young girls are very beautiful;
both of them were alone at the beginning of the fairy tales;
both of them meet their love in the opposing worlds, Princess Ariel finds Prince Eric in the world of humans but not in the ocean world, Princess Jasmine finds Aladdin in the world of poor but not among the wealthy princes who came to her palace several times.
both young girls are brave and self-confident. They can make decisions themselves; they do not like to obey. They prefer to act according to their own concepts and principles.
both Princess Ariel and Princess Jasmine do not have their mothers, they live with their fathers.
Both characters use magic in order to achieve their goals. Princess Jasmine uses magic carpet and lamp with Genie. Princess Ariel uses magic trident and witch’s magic to achieve her goals.

Both girls did not have many friends. Princess Jasmine’s friend was a tiger and Princess Ariel’s friends were a small fish Flounder and a crab Sebastian.
These two young girls have an opportunity and enough strength to struggle against the evil. Princess Jasmine struggles against Jafar, a terrible man who wanted to become a powerful governor and to kill Aladdin, Jasmine and her father. Princess Ariel struggles against witches Morgana, Ursula and the girls governess Marina. They do not afraid of them and can easily find the way out of any difficult situation by means of artifice and deception.

Both princesses love their families and their fathers.
Both Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel have the main goal to marry their young men whom they love very much.
These two young girls can sing beautiful songs and their songs tell about their love and their desires.
Both young girls wear light clothes and some parts of their bodies are uncovered. They are rather sexy.
Both Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel have a happy ending of their stories where the good conquers the evil.

In conclusion of the research paper, it is necessary to say that two beautiful young girls, Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel are the best female characters of Disney fairy tales because they demonstrate only the best qualities of their characters and give good examples to small children who watch these animated films.
Although there are a lot of differences in the characters of these two young girls, both of them are protagonists in the stories. They try to do their best to cope with all the difficulties and to help their young men whom they love so much. They do not afraid to express their thoughts and their feelings. Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel struggle against the evil that is why they will always be the best characters in the fairy tales.


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