Six Major Threats to the Ocean’s Biodiversity

Today, the ocean’s biodiversity is under a threat of extinction and human activities are major causes of such dramatic changes which occurred to the ocean at the present epoch.

First of all, one of the major threats to the ocean’s biodiversity is the problem of the climate change. In fact, the climate change and global warming contributes to the changing of the ocean waters and causes extinction of species living in the ocean. The solution of this problem may be found in the minimization of green house gasses emissions.

Secondly, the growth of human population also provokes the extinction of numerous species because humans use the ocean as a source of food and other resources as well as they change the coastline that is a direct threat to the species inhabiting the coastline. Hence, people should develop environmentally friendly policy and control the use of oceanic resources.

Thirdly, the lack of knowledge and understanding of species and ecosystems led to their extinction because of human activities. Thus, their scientific research is needed.

Fourthly, the growth of population leads to the urbanization and growing pollution of oceanic waters that is destructing the ocean’s biodiversity. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the emission of pollutants into the ocean.

Fifthly, ecological disasters, such as large-scale fire and floods also threats to the ocean’s biodiversity which is dependent on the coastal biodiversity. At this point, it is hardly possible to totally prevent natural disasters but it is necessary to prevent disasters caused by humans, such as oil tankers wreckages.

Finally, the human unawareness and underestimation of the value of the ocean causes the unreasonable exploitation of its resources and pollution. Thus, educational programs are needed to increase human awareness.

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