Social Norms Essay

Social norms define the life of each member of the society. At the same time, often people disobey to existing social norms, but such cases of disrespect to social norms are perceived by the society as abnormal, while people who are inclined to systematic violation of existing social norms are treated as sociopaths. Nevertheless, potentially any individual can violate or disrespect existing social norms.

Basically, an individual goes against social norms when his or her individual interests are at stake. In this respect, it is necessary to take into consideration the individualistic background of the modern culture, which puts individual interests above interests of the community.

However, the ways in which an individual may go against social norms may differ consistently.

First of all, an individual may disrespect existing social norms simply because of the lack of knowledge of the social norms established within a community. For instance, an immigrant, who settles in a new community, naturally tends to follow social norms he or she get used to, but these norms may differ consistently from the norms of his or her new community. As a result, by obeying to his or her social norms, the individual unconsciously goes against the dominant social norms.

Furthermore, an individual can take an active social position and start civil action against existing social norms. For instance, an individual can organize and participate in manifestations and protests as well as other actions of social disobedience. In such a way, an individual may protest against existing social norms.

However, there are radical ways of rejection of social norms, such as violent actions, including riots, terror acts, and other violent activities, which are unacceptable to the society. Obviously, this way is radical and unacceptable for a democratic country.

Thus, the civil action is the most plausible way of going against social norms and people should use civil action to demonstrate their disagreement and define their social position.

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