Social Responsibility Paper

I would like to analyze the social responsibility policy of Heinz Company. It’s a global USbased food corporation and currently it offers over 16,000 products in the following categories: Ketchup and Sauces, Meals and Snacks, and Infant Nutrition.
Social responsibility’s definition
The continuing commitment of the organization to behave ethically and improve the employee’s life quality and also the community as well is a corporate social responsibility.
Social responsibility is a set of policies that are included in all business processes of the company. This set of policies takes a responsibility for all the actions of the organization (current, past and future).
Of course, the matters of the corporate social responsibility always vary depending on the kind of business and many other factors, but in usually relates to business ethics, community investment, environment, governances, human rights, market place and workplace.
For stakeholders the social responsibility means the responsibility of decision making and they should be aware about its impact.
It deeply connected with ethics issues and nowadays ethics has a major part in the company’s image and market success.
There are a few multinational companies that had faced financial losses because of neglecting ethical issues and social responsibility
Heinz Company’s social responsibility record
Heinz is a global food company that it is ruled by its own Global Code of Conduct. This document helps company to prevent discrimination, conflicts and other inappropriate behavior.
Heinz is known for its active position towards social responsibility. It’s corporate social responsibility mission states that sustainable growth should be achieved by enhancing the nutrition, health and wellness of people and their communities. Therefore Heinz company applies ethical manners into its business and is guided by a strong commitment to integrity, safety, and the principles of social and environmental of corporate governance.
Anywhere in the world where this company operates it manufacture safe, high-quality products, reduce environmental impacts, and maintain business and labor practices that ensure human safety and dignity.
The Company’s corporate social responsibility performance is reviewed by the company’s Board of Directors three times a year.
The commitment to social responsibility at Heinz is included throughout the entire organization, in its policies, principles, etc. There are so called Global Operating Principles that were accepted by this company in 2003 and they are based on The Sullivan Principles, the U.N. Global Compact, and the International Labor Organization’s Human Rights Principles.
Another important issue for Heinz is its Supplier Guiding Principles. The Company’s current number of suppliers consists of domestic (8000) and international suppliers (about 35 000).
It’s a crucial issue for Heinz and it requires all its partners to comply with local labor and environmental laws.
The most important points of social responsibility policies for Heinz Company:
– Heinz’s major goal is to extend its influence in order to provide contributions for the population of the markets where it operates. This organization provides voluntary contributions and grants through the various special programs.
-Heinz donated millions of dollars and products as well in order to support community programs. This policy helps to promote the health, nutrition, and well-being of the people. (
– The local purchasing ability is analyzed by Heinz when entering a new market. It is made, because the company needs to be absolutely confident that the local consumers with low income will be able to buy its products and that the products are priced fairly for the certain market.
– Heinz Company has no doubt in the children’s right in growing up healthy. Therefore, the company is committed to fight micronutrient malnutrition problems.
-Besides mentioned above, Heinz also always cares about the health and wellness of its products consumers.
Among the major concerns for this company I can name a few:
– Heinz is focused on the waste reduction issue. It is made via packaging, innovation and recycling. The new innovations, researches and developments are implemented in the packaging and recycling field thanks to the policy of constant improving that was organized at Heinz.
– The next serious issue is water conservation and the company pays a lot of time and efforts to ensure the production processes are organized properly and the water is pent effectively.
-Energy consumption. By addressing energy consumption, Heinz can mitigate the financial impacts of rising energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate efficiencies in our factories and offices around the world.
-The next problem that Heinz management determines as global and crucial is climate change. In order to improve the climate situation and slow down the climate changes, company is aimed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (focusing on carbon dioxide).
Company understands a substantial influence of the climate change on its business. That is why company needs to contribute to lowering overall global of greenhouse gases emissions.
– Great Management. Heinz is targeted for continued improvement in its environmental performance. Therefore it has appropriate policy (which is called the Heinz Global Environmental Policy) that helps operate in accordance with local, state, and national regulations and laws.

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