Sociology Course Assignment Essay

Speaking about my learning style, I should say that I am a practical learner and I really want to know what I am learning for and clearly realize practical goals I could achieve in the result of learning. In other words, I want to know what I am learning for and only on such a condition I can work really effectively and achieve possibly better results.

Basically, I tend to learn independently and I do not need someone’s help since work in groups with other students make me feel a bit slower than I could be if I worked on my own. I strongly believe that I can cope with any tasks independently and this is probably why I don’t like when teachers are constantly instructing and lecturing me.

Instead, I’d rather prefer to stick to the point and work on the problem the teacher supposes me to do.

In general, I think that the role of students in the learning process is often underestimated and they should have more freedom to learn and do not waste their time on lectures delivered by teachers since anyway they can find this information in the book, naturally if they are going to work hard as I am.

In fact, it is extremely interesting to me to solve real problems which could be applied in the real life situations and this is what makes the learning process attractive for me. At the same time, I stand on the ground that in order to learn effectively, for instance solve some problems, it is necessary to have a clear, well structured plan that would lead me from the problem to its solution directly without any hesitations.

Finally, I want to say that the basic principle of learning should be justice and each student should be assessed according to his real knowledge, skills and abilities and there should no room for pity, or personal preferences.

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