Sociology- Family history essay

In this essay I would like to tell about the history of my family. My family emigrated from Poland to United States because of the hard times that the country faced. I know that many families faced challenges and difficulties in their native countries and after emigration, everything became much better. People were able to get a job, to study, and also began to see the perspectives in the United States. It is known, that the United States is the country of opportunities.

I think that my family experiences have been typical of other Americans. I can say now that I am proud to be an American. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather have come to the United States and they did not have anything. They had to work hard to earn the living. Then they studied and then they got an opportunity to have a better job and to earn more. AS in every immigrant family, there were many difficulties and disappointments at first.

And then there were opened more opportunities and many things got better. My parents also opened a small business in the United States and we follow the tradition of my great-grandmother and great-grandfather. I am very thankful to them for everything they have done, for their sacrifices and for their faith in the brighter future that has come.

I am very glad that our family did not face problems of racism, as we do not differ from other people very much, and not many people can guess that we were foreigners. I consider myself a patriot of the United States and I am proud to live here. I think that this country is full of possibilities, good people and it is the best place on earth. Our family has many friends and they have never asked considering the issue of immigration, as they know that we have come here because of the tough life and we work and pay taxes, and live by the rules. We love this country and we appreciate a lot of things here, and we certainly know that only in the United States it was possible to live the way we want, and the way we live.

I can say that the level of life improved through generations and the standard of living also improved. I am glad to realize that the previous generations of our family have come to provide the better future for us. They were struggling to earn the living, doing the hardest part- looking for a job in the country they have never been to and the language they have not ever studied.

American society has many features that I appreciate and I feel comfortable living in the United States. Once, I visited Poland and I can say that I would never change my mind considering the country I would love to live in. I think that I am lucky to live in the United States, as many people would like to come here and stay forever. As it is know, United States is the country of immigrants and multiculturalism is a part of people’s lives here. People respect interests of others, image, nationality and many aspects and differences. I think that the modern society should behave exactly this way to provide a better future for people living in the country.

United States attracts millions people all over the world as tourists and immigrants. The conditions of life, the opportunities and perspectives are considered as a temptation. I can say that I am grateful for my relatives who have come here to the United States and choose this country for them. Thanks to them, nowadays I can enjoy living here, studying and working. I consider it a great luck and a great opportunity in life.

Despite facing many challenges, my family was able to find a job, to study properly and to provide better future for me. They risked a lot when decided to come here, but the risk was justified. Coming here definitely was not a mistake and I would have done the same things despite the difficulties, completely unknown and unpredictable future and other aspects.

I can name communication as one of the most important and essential part of life of my family. Meeting new people was not challenging and I am glad that we have many friends and relatives here. Each country has its peculiarities, the rhythm of life and cultural aspects. Being a patriot of the United States, I can say that I like travelling, and I can compare the country I live in, with the other countries. I can say that I have seen a big contrast and gap in many aspects of life, in culture, communication, business and studying. After comparison I am convinced more and more that the United States in the best country to live for me. I am used to it, I know the traditions, habits, and people, and also the way of life”¦I would not like to change it ever”¦

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