Sometimes actions can have unintended consequences essay

Sociologists mark important distinction between the aims of actions, when we intentionally do something, and between unintended consequences which actions result in. Following by this way, it is possible to know a lot of information about development of societies. For example, schools exist in an order to enable children to acquire new knowledge. Nevertheless, existence of schools causes consequences which not so it is simple to recognize or provide for. Children can’t to enter to the market of labor to certain age, because they are not ready for such activity. The school system also strengthens inequality, predetermining the future workplaces for students in accordance with their academic progress. The above stated information shows us that it is necessary to discuss unintended consequences of actions in this paper.

Most large changes were in history, probably, unpremeditated. Sometimes actions, undertaken with a certain goal, cause consequences, actually impedimental achievement of this purpose. So, a few years ago laws, prescriptive the proprietors of houses, being in the emergency state and located in the districts of residence of population with low profits, were accepted in New York, to take these houses to some minimum standard. The main purpose of this act acceptance was to improve the base level of dwellings of people with low profits. A result turned out reverse. The proprietors of threadbare buildings either refused from them or adjusted them for other aims; thus, the number of houses, suitable for a residence, considerably grew short.

Thus, analyzing data discussed in this paper we can come to the conclusion that continuity and changes in public life it is possible to present as mixture of intentional and unintended consequences of human actions. As individuals, all of us much enough know about itself and about society in which we live. We got used to think that understand well, why we operate in such or another way, and does not need prompts of sociologists. And it is right in some degree. Many acts, accomplished by us in everyday life, are caused by our own understanding of present social agreements. And however there are set borders of similar self-knowledge and we should be attentive in their observance.

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