Special Interest/Passion

My special passion is my admiration with horses because I really admire these animals and I believe there is little difference between horses and humans. To put it more precisely, as far as I know these animals and judging from my experience, I can say that horses can have the same feelings and emotions as people do and, sometimes, it seems to me that horses can understand our emotions better than people do. At any rate, I have a horse, which feels my emotions pretty well and, when I am sad or disappointed I go to her and feel her compassion.

My passion to horses is deep-rooted and my interest to these animals dates back to my childhood. My passion grew stronger when I attended the farm of my uncle, where I actually saw a horse for the first time in my life. I was so excited and glad that I could not help from smiling. When I approached the horse, I believe she felt my emotions and my mood because she started to shake her head and neighed as if she welcomed me. Moreover, she approached me and licked my hand when I stretched my hand to the horse. After that I could not help from admiring horses.

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