Sport Psychology essay

I am interested in psychology and I like sports. I think that Sport and Achievement psychology would be a perfect opportunity to combine two things I really like. I think that this kind of psychology is a very interesting branch of psychology because it gives perfect opportunity to investigate how psychology can influence performance of people. I have an experience in athletic training and believe that this experience will help me in my future study and work. I believe that applying psychology to sports can bring good results and my experience in sports combined with knowledge in psychology will make me a good specialist in this field. My personal skills can also be helpful for the by future profession connected with Sport and Achievement psychology. I get along with people well and this quality is very important for psychologist. Experience in the field of sport will help me to understand needs and interests of sportsmen better.

I’m interested in different sphere of Achievement psychology. In general, under sport psychology we understand the person’s behavior in sport. It studies different factors, which influence physical activity, exercise and performance in sport.  This kind of psychology possesses a number of techniques, which help to improve individual and team performance. There are several important aspects of sport psychology. Managing emotions is an important component of successful performance in sports. Sport psychology teaches sportsmen to deal with emotions. It also helps to reduce negative effects caused by injuries and bad performance. Relaxation and concentration are also in the sphere of interest of sport psychology. Control over these processes is important component of sport achievements.

Goals and their achievement is an important part of everyday life. Sportsmen have more knowledge about setting goals than most of other people. Setting up the right goals is a key factor of success in any kind of activity and it is hard to overestimate the important of goal-setting in sport. I believe that knowledge of psychology will help me to help people set their goals and to achieve them. Motivation is closely connected with goal-setting. Knowledge about motivation helps to understand hidden mechanism which run all our thoughts and actions. Motivation in sport is a very important component and psychology perfectly suits to define right motivation which will result in high achievements in sport. My experience in sport gives me good knowledge in motivation in sport and special knowledge from psychology will expand it. Self-esteem is another important factor which has great importance on human performance. Self-esteem and self-perception determine results people achieve in different areas of life and sport is not an exception. Self-esteem is formed in the childhood and influences all our further life, but luckily modern psychology has a lot of methods to work with self esteem and I hope that my professional knowledge in this field will be useful to approach the problem of self-esteem from different sides.

I believe my good communicative skills, past experience in professional sports and interest in psychology will help me to perform good in the sphere of sport psychology. I believe that for good performance in this sphere of psychology person should be interested by sport and psychology. My experience in athletic training gives me good knowledge of sport  performance and psychology will expand this knowledge. I believe that combining knowledge in psychology with my personal experience in sports I can show good results in the sphere of Sport Psychology and Psychology of Achievements.

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