Statement of Purpose essay paper

Human behavior is very complicated but the effectiveness of human relations highly depends on the ability of individuals to understand and properly interpret the behavior of each other. This ability is particularly important in relations with people suffering from mental health problems, such as children with autism.

I can confirm it since I work with such children and it seems to me that children with autism are more sensible to changes in my emotional state and behavior than other children who have such problems as autism. This is why I need to work on my personal behavior as well as I need to learn to better understand behavior of other people since it will help me better understand children with autism. They apparently have special needs to meet which I need to understand and forecast their behavior.

In this respect, the Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis is particularly important for me. In addition, I need this certificate to keep my current position as a supervisor. This is also extremely important for me since I like my job and I want to improve my professional performance to be really helpful and effective. In addition, I believe that the experience I will get while obtaining the certificate will help me not only in my professional life but I hope that it will improve my interpersonal relations with other people, including my colleagues, my family, friends and even strangers.

Thus, I do want to obtain the Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis since it is simply a perfect opportunity for me to enlarge my professional knowledge and improves my professional skills without abandoning my work and it will enable me to be more helpful to other people.


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