Statement of Purpose

I am applying for admission to Master’s Degree program at University of xxxx because for me enhancing knowledge is the main purpose of studying master of mechanical engineering and I have no doubt that University of xxxx will provide what I need to achieve my goals. I have always believed that undergraduate study exposes to the different facets of the profession. To acquire an in-depth knowledge in a chosen field of Mechanical Engineering, graduate study is a necessity. I would like to pursue my graduate degree and learn state-of-art technology to excel in the technology wave of the next millennium.

I believe that engineering certainly has an impact on our daily lives. I believe that it is important to determine how things work, it is perhaps more valuable to understand why they fail and use it to our advantage to construct better solutions. Basically, my interest in Engineering began when I saw the work of my father, who is a civil engineer and afterward I have developed my interest.

In my opinion, the most distinctive aspect of mechanical engineering is the flexibility that it offers. I am focused on achieving specialty in Design & Innovation (Machine Design and Product Development), Robotics and Manufacturing Automation, Project Management and Production Management. Moreover, I found many interesting projects which are offered by university’s professors and they are related to my fields of interest at University of xxxx.

Strategic marketing management is also my favorite field of study in management and business.

I completed my Undergraduate degree atxxxxUniversityin September 2007. My Undergraduate emphasis was in Industrial Engineering. I joined a constructional company after graduation in xxxx. I was a project control expert in xxxx Company. I also worked for xxxx Company as a Graduate Engineer Trainee in the human resource department in xxxx. I have learned a lot on my both jobs. Working at this job both helped me to develop my skills such as: time management, problem solving and team working. I decided to study Master of business administration (MBA) atxxxxUniversityin xxxx. I would like to study Master of mechanical Engineering which is my favorite field of study at University of xxxx.

“Achieving the excellence”ť is the motto of my life. I am confident that my dedication and passion for my work will lead me to reach my destination. I want to work extensively on:

1 ”“ Robotics and Manufacturing Automation.

2 ”“ Planning and designing new production processes.

I believe that quality of education is a very important factor. That is why I want to receive a Master’s Degree at the University of xxxxx. During my search over the internet for a prospective university for graduate studies, I visited University of xxxx’s mechanical engineering website, and came to know about its scope of work, facilities, faculties, and typical projects. All of its project types intrigue me very much. University of xxxxx is one of the few places I can think of. It is one of the country’s top schools and it is well known for producing high caliber graduates. I do believe that I will have the best lesson in a chosen field in the department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

I hope that the admissions committee finds my background and strengths commensurate with the requirements ofxxxxUniversityMaster’s Degree program.

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