Stem cell research essay

Stem cell research essay

Stem cell research has been a highly debated issue for a long time. However, in order to understand the essence of stem cell research, it is important to consider its positive and negative sides. The debates over stem cell research are likely to continue, but the truth is that one should understand its basic elements and principles in order to have a full picture of this issue. The pros and cons of stem cell research will be discussed in detail as follows.

First, the definition of terms is required. Stem cells are underdeveloped human cells that do not belong to any special kind of cells. Along with their growth, they become a distinct type of cell be it skin cell or brain cell. At this stage, such cells are able to replace some others in order to ensure the healthy condition of a human body. Stem cell research has been conducted for many years, but there are still questions to be answered. There are also different types of cells, and this information is important for those who speak in favor of stem cell research. It is so because embryonic cells, for instance, are derived from a fetus in woman’s body, while other types of cells do not. This leads to a suggestion that abortion should not be committed, because the fetus itself represents a fully developed cell. However, this topic should be investigated further in order to eliminate all doubts concerning this issue.

As for the pros of stem cell research, it is claimed that investigation of stem cells encourages a better understanding of the functioning of human body. Owing the research on stem cells, those who investigate this topic can learn much valuable information concerning cells and the peculiarities of their development. Such research is also helpful for understanding how certain illnesses work. This will consequently help to fight them. At least, the researchers will find out more about the symptoms and effects of different diseases. There are cases when it is important to find out how to cure this or that disease, which can be realized by means of stem cell research.

Furthermore, stem cell researchers have already investigated a great number of diseases, but this is only the beginning. The question is whether such research can help to deal with these diseases. It will never become clear, until a more thorough investigation is conducted and financed. For now, the issue of finding cure to certain diseases is still being investigated. In this regard, the government can play a role in stem cell research, as it can invest more in such research in order to enhance the scientific knowledge on stem cell development.

On the other hand, one of the drawbacks of stem cell research is the fact that it needs to be financed. Without the investments in scientific sphere, the stem cell research has no chance to develop. Owing stem cell research, the length of human life can be prolonged, and the sufferings of people who are seriously ill can be relieved. But all this cannot be carried out without proper financing in the scientific research.

Some people claim that the very essence of stem cell research implies murder. In fact, human life is considered to start from an embryo in the body of a woman. In order to extract embryonic cells, the fetus itself should be eliminated. However, if a person’s life starts from fertilization, it means that destroying a fetus is a murder. The opponents of stem cell research state that such research leads to killing innocent lives at the early stage of their development. However, the supporters of the above-mentioned research are of the opinion that something should always be sacrificed for the common good. This means that in order to develop the medical science, there is a need to sacrifice stem cells for the sake of further progress in the scientific sphere.

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