Strange Mirror essay paper

My Personal Experience

Strange Mirror

Mirror is a thing, which surrounds us in our everyday life and we seldom think about the meaning of mirror treating it like all other parts of homestead. At the same time it can be very controversial thing, since it can sometimes show you things you do not expect to see. Some ancient tribes did not want to look at the mirror because they believed it had the power to steal their soul. I did not have the chance to check up this fact, but I now I know for sure that mirror does not always show things you want. I had a chance to understand it from my own experience. Let me tell you my story and you will know everything yourself.

The story started when I came to visit my mother for a couple of days. Probably it was the most awful morning I have ever had. I opened my eyes and saw that the sky was dark. I thought that it was night but suddenly I saw my mother’s figure in front of my bed. “Good morning”, she said smiling and I immediately thought that it was not so good. I tried to open my eyes ”“ all in vain. At last I plucked my courage and stained one eye. “Good morning, mummy”, I answered and tried to pretend sleeping, although I even mustn’t pretend ”“ I was really sleeping. “I know that it is Sunday and that it is early by I need your help today”. “Of course, mum” I said still having a hope that I could come back to my sweet sleep. “I would disappoint you but you must go to the shop now.” I could not believe my ears ”“ my mother wanted me to get up and go to the shop on Sunday at five or six o’clock in the morning. There was no way out and I decided to ask: “Is it necessary to do it when it is still dark outside?” “It is not so early, as you might have thought. It is eight o’clock but the weather is bad and it is going to rain, that’s why it is so dark outside. As you know, we are having guests today. I will start cooking and I want you to buy some food before it starts raining because if the rain starts it will be even worse for you”, she said and left the room. To say that I was angry with these guests, this weather and even my mother is to say nothing! All the world was against me this morning! I got out of my warm bed, put on jeans and a T-shirt. I took money not opening my eyes and left the house.

While I was walking my sense gradually woke up and I started listening to the sounds around me. I soon realized that I was not the only person awake in this Sunday morning. I heard voices of people talking from everywhere, heard roaring of busses and cars. What is notable, these sounds did not muffle the singing of the birds. These sounds became a pleasant surprise and I left my gloomy thoughts and smiled to the sun. It was hard not to notice it since it warmed my skin and I felt a nice touch of its tender rays. I started feeling a little bit better and my mood had even become better, when I finally realized the source of a nice smell, which attracted my attention since I had left my apartment. Blossoming trees were the source of the nice smell and I felt the life was becoming better and better and I did not hide a smile on my face. Walking along the street I started looking at these nice trees and even mentioned I small bird, which nice singing made my mood better earlier. After some idle walking and looking around I started looking at people I met on my way. I was friendly and eager to share my good mood with everybody. Soon I noticed people in the street looking back at me. At first I did not pay attention. Then I realized that I had not even looked in the mirror at home. I felt so sleepy that I had even forgotten to comb. I decided to find the nearest mirror. It can sound strange but there was no mirror on my way to the shop. Eventually I came to the car. I shot a glance at the screen of the car but could see myself well. So I looked once more and stood motionless: I saw unshaven smiling face. I couldn’t understand what had happened to me. I was sleepy and may be not combed but I was not ready to see an unshaven face! All in all I realized that that the figure in the car was not me but a taxi driver. I breathed a sigh of relief and started laughing. I felt that the world was not so cruel to me and continued walking but I could not forget a surprised face of a taxi driver, who had a pleasure to see my face for a rather long time.

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