Summary Anaylysis Essay

I’d like to make summary analysis of one chapter from the book Prince Caspian of The Chronicles of Narnia and explain why this chapter is so important to the whole book perception. I have chosen the fourth chapter with the title The Dwarf Tells of Prince Caspian. It helps us to knew more about Prince Caspian and understand his way of thinking and character.

Analyzing chapter 4 we should mention that it describes the childhood of Prince Caspian and his wish to know true about  own country. Chapter 4 is full of details how dwarf tells young prince about ancient times. First of all it is necessary to mention that Prince Caspian lived with his aunt and uncle, the King and Queen of Narnia, whom he doesn’t like. One day little Prince Caspian asked his uncle about times when animals could talk and there were another queens and kings. Such question made the King very angry and he prohibited young boy even to think about this. Prince Caspian received another tutor Doctor Cornelius instead his nanny, who told true about old Narnia, but Dr. Cornelius one day also open the big mystery to the boy, because he believed  Prince Caspian one day regenerate Narnia.

Evaluating this chapter I want to say that it has really big importance to the whole book. It allows readers to understand situation in Narnia and show that it has possibility to return all power with little Prince Caspian help. All characters are described in a bright and simple form that helps to imagine them. We can read the book and imagine not only its main characters, but also surrounding nature and beautiful landscape.

In my opinion the chapter 4 was written not only about old history of Narnia, it also describes insight Prince’s feelings. We see that Prince Caspian are interested in history and has a great wish to see own country prosperous and without prejudices. It seems to me that author through this chapter opened point of view of the whole book and put main words in Prince’s mind.

Thus, summarizing chosen chapter we could conclude that it helps us to plunge into the plot more deeply. During our summarizing analysis we look at many details from another point of view. I think that book analysis helps to generate new thoughts about actions described in one chosen chapter and we understand from it that Prince Caspian is a boy with big heart, who wants to return an Old Narnia and make people happy in it.

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