Sweeny Todd and Crime and Punishment Essay Paper

Consider how murder is portrayed via narrative in novels: Sweeny Todd and Crime and Punishment

For a long time people are committing crimes. Even ancient humanity understood the importance of existence of some kind of law, which can protect people from crimes, prevent them and forbid actions dangerous to others.

Nowadays it calls law. For a very long time now, laws were made in order to realize self-protection, thus stronger people could have done anything they want with weaker men. Time passed, obviously, law progressed, improved and transformed. By reasons given above, in a contemporary world we faces with deeply another kind of law. The need for law is an approved fact, and it goes without saying. However, it could not protect us from everything.

Unfortunately, we are none of us always good and we all (at least once at life) do bad things. Now it is obvious to everyone that, to make law succeed and stop the crimes, there must be rules, which we must follow, not ignore. Of course, laws we have, are not perfect and sometimes even contradictory, however we are better off with such laws, than if we had none at all. The history of penalty, the boot camps’ system of penalty and its advantages and disadvantages I am going to illustrate through out this paper. Evidently, this information do her job, people learned how to use it in order to rich aims. The work is dedicated to the crimes that were discussed in the literature by two authors: Robert L. Mack (his novel “Sweeny Todd: The demon barber of Fleet Street”) and Fyodor Dostoevsky (with his novel “Crime and Punishment”).

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