SWOT analysis

(in case it was necessary to make SWOT analysis for the case study itself ”“ not for the company)


ü      Detailed explanation of Toyota’s crisis

ü      Historical analysis of the company

ü      Overview of legal regulations

ü      Expert opinions on the crisis management

ü      Discussion of corporate values and culture

ü      Supporting financial and economic information


ü      Focus on the recent events only (without relevant explanations sometimes)

ü      Repeating explanations of current crisis

ü      Too little explanation of media coverage and marketing efforts of Toyota


ü      More consistent explanation of the material

ü      Analysis of Toyota’s financial statements and effect of the litigation on the company

ü      Analysis of different departments of Toyota and their effectiveness

ü      Clearer consideration of changes in global Toyota’s strategy


ü      Too many details without clear thought behind them

ü      Material grouped into overwhelming sections


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