Tactics and Strategic Paper

Coca Cola is one of the largest beverage companies in the world that takes the leading position in international markets. At the same time, the maintenance of the leading position is grounded on the implementation of efficient tactics and strategy without which the company can hardly succeed in the contemporary business environment. Therefore, the company needs to focus its strategic development on the maintenance of its current position and expanding its presence in international markets.

In this respect, the strategic objectives of the company are evident ”“ Coca Cola needs to be the number one beverage company worldwide and take the larger of the world market decreasing the market share of its major competitors, such as Pepsi Co. Furthermore, the company needs to focus on the formation of a positive brand image and customer loyalty and satisfaction. In addition, another strategic goal of the company should be the improvement of the quality of its product that can be achieved through the introduction of innovations and enhancing the professionalism of employees working within the company.

To meet the aforementioned strategic objectives, the company needs to develop its international network, cooperating with large retailers working worldwide, such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, and others. At the same time, its product should be available to small retailers as well to make them accessible to all. Also, the company needs to develop the customer-centered approach to improve customer satisfaction and develop customer loyalty. Finally, the company needs to apply the quality management approach to ensure the high quality of its products and organize trainings for the personnel to improve their qualification.

Thus, the company will be able to meet its strategic goals, but the implementation of the strategic plan will need the system of control, which should be based on the analysis of company’s marketing performance, regular comparison to its competitors, analysis of customer satisfaction through interviews and questionnaires.

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