During our lessons at school we are often not aware of the impact our teachers have on our way of thinking, on our approaches to problem solving. We think, that we learn only the subject, in reality teachers are very important people as their impact on formation of our personality might be compared only to that of our parents and our closest friends.

The difference between the best, the toughest, and the worst teachers seems evident on the one hand and very subtle on the other. I can prove it with my personal example, as one of my best teachers was my toughest teacher. Most of the teachers I have had through out high school have spoon-fed me the answers to my questions, which I appreciated until I stepped into Physics, Mrs. Rush’s classroom. From the very first moment I didn’t like Mrs. Rush and her approach to teaching. She was very strict and never directly answered my questions, she always told me to go home and look for the answers in my book or on the Internet. This bothered me a lot at first and in the beginning I was so frustrated with her teaching methods, that I did not want to look for the answers, which seemed absolutely not logical for me, as I was used to hear the correct answers from the teacher directly. However, as soon as my grades started to deteriorate, I was forced to change my attitudes and ways of learning. I decided to do what Mrs. Rush was telling me, and give her teaching style a chance. After doing this, slowly but surely, my grades rose significantly and I realized that by doing the research and finding the answers on my own I was actually learning the material a lot better than my classmates. Through this mind changing experience, I learned that in life you will meet many people you do not like or do not agree with, but in order to succeed, one has to make the best of his current situation.

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