Team Data Paper

The contemporary sport steadily transforms into a very profitable business which attracts huge investment and brings consistent profits to sport franchises. At the same time, professional sportsmen, such as baseball players, often suffer from the problem of discrimination and inequality which refers to different aspects of their professional life, including the level of their wages. In this respect, it is important to underline that wages of professional baseball players can vary consistently. In spite of the variety of factors that influence the size of wages of baseball players often the disparity of their wages is not justified by objective factors but rather is the result of the discrimination.

In fact, the disparity of professional baseball players is very significant and determined by objective and subjective factors. For instance, it is logical that players of the superior league earn more than players of some secondary league. Or else, the experience and qualification of players is also important. However, there are subjective factors.

For instance, players which play in one and the same play can receive substantially different wages, even though their qualification is similar. In such a situation, such factors as the popularity of a player among fans, his status within a team, the attention of media to the player can influence the level of wages.

In such a situation, it is very important to analyze and research the problem of disparity of wages among professional baseball players because the presence of subjective factors opens the way to the discrimination of baseball players since their qualification for instance may be secondary and may not define the level of wages at all. Obviously, such an approach is unjust in relation to professional baseball players and their interests need to be protected.

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