Team proposal

We are coming close to final version of the proposal, and at this stage our team has to develop the layout an content of the title page as well as the table of contents. Please have in mind that potential sponsors will look these two pages first of all, and we have to be brief and effective in preparing the materials.

First of all, we have to decide what is the best way to present the information. At the current moment, we have created the description of the procedures and schedule of the project activities, established the roles and responsibilities within the team, listed detailed information for every member of our team and the qualities making each of you especially valuable for this project.
We also have a detailed budget with the description of all resources and materials required to implement the project, and there is a separate section for evidence showing the value and importance of our project. Finally, we have the materials describing the visual appeal of the game.

One more important thing we need to do at this stage is the creation of the title page. It has to be visually appealing, and should catch the readers’ attention. At the same time it should not be overloaded with details ”“ only the most important data on the title page please. It certainly has to carry the name of the game ”“ “Eagle-eyed traveler”ť, the purpose of the learning game ”“ improving attentiveness of ADHD children, and perhaps estimated budget as well as potential benefits and revenues. We also have to place an effective illustration there, it might be something from the visual appeal section, or something related to ADHD issues. Please comment on the title page; I encourage everyone to take part in this discussion.

Please send me e-mails within 24 hours with your ideas regarding the layout of the project. I am particularly interested about the layout sequence and the location of supplementary materials such as detailed budget, your bios and role descriptions. Our goal is to avoid overloading the reader, so if the supplementary or factual information gets too large, we have to locate it in the Appendices. However, crucial data such as evidence and background figures should be placed in the narrative part.
Devil’s Advocate, your responsibility at this stage is to review critically the layouts and the title page, and to approach this document from an unbiased perspective like our sponsors would. Youhave to identify possible weak points and/or the places where the readers are overwhelmed with details, or, vise versa, lack details.

After the discussion, the task for Layout Designer is to create the layout of the title page, and layout of the table of contents for the proposal. After this, please create a document map showing the location of the table of contents, title page, narrative and supporting information. I hope to receive the title page, table of contents and map of the document within 24 hours after the discussion is over.

Writer, we might need an Executive Summary in addition to the above-mentioned parts of the document. Please create a brief executive summary after the discussion on the layouts is over. I expect this task to be done simultaneously with the work of Layout Designer, so in 24 hours after the discussion is over, we will have all the necessary material to complete the proposal. Thank you for your valuable contributions!


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