Teamwork essay

Whenever you work in a team, you should always remember that the result of your work depends on how successfully you can find common language with your team-mates. Working with other people, you might meet certain barriers to effective teamwork.

For instance, when I was working in a team, there were several problems that did not let our team to realize its full potential. First of all, at the beginning of our work many people used to follow their own agendas and not the agenda of the team, in other words, they aspired to achieve their own goals not taking account of the goals of the whole team. It impeded our work in the very beginning. Lack of habit of working in team entailed other obstacles, such as absence of enough trust among people and uncertainty about the aims of the team. Some team workers suspected others in pursuit of personal goals or could not clearly distinguish the common goal of the team.

One of the most significant obstacles that impeded our work was lack of understanding between senior members of the group and other team workers. Many of them treated other people as mere executors, not considering their points of view. Thus, they did not let their team-mates to progress. This misunderstanding fostered arrogance of seniors and growth of distrust to them from others.

By the example of this situation, I have realized that the people should treat senior members more like tutors than supervisors, which will help to create a friendly atmosphere. Seniors, in their turn, should take into account the opinions of others and contribute to the team spirit.

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