Technical Solutions for Air Pollution

Among the most important ways to solve environmental problems, most research also highlights the introduction of clean, low-and waste technologies, the construction of sewage treatment plants, management location of production and use of natural resources.
Almost from the beginning of its existence, humanity has had a negative impact on the natural habitat. With the development of industry, creation of new industries, expansion of the fleet in the airspace gets more and more harmful substances. In the absence of a free circulation of air masses, caused by both natural factors and man-made, there is a chemical fog. It is very dangerous for people, especially for older or frail. Smog is a mixture of aerosol particles and gases that have a natural origin, and it is man-made.
Analysis of air samples in smog reveals its basic components: nitrogen and sulfur oxides, ozone, and various peroxides. Smog is formed when certain weather conditions conducive to the passage of various chemical reactions in the atmosphere. The lack of wind in the lower atmosphere and strong inversion, as well as high solar activity at high concentrations in the air, nitrogen oxides, sulfur and other harmful substances – and forms a chemical fog. As a rule, its appearance is most often cited for the period from June to September, sometimes in the winter. Prolonged exposure to smog causes in people great discomfort: headache, severe nausea, eye irritation and respiratory diseases – there are even completely healthy people among those who suffer. Because of excess carbon monoxide people experience drowsiness, tiredness, weakening performance. High concentrations of sulfuric acid increase the number of seizures in people with asthma, as described in Causes of air pollution.
Prolonged exposure to such a high concentration of harmful substances such as in smog, causes respiratory diseases and cancer. Able to have a negative impact on the health of the whole organism, in modern practice, were noted numerous cases of death from exposure to the chemical fog. All these problems require immediate solutions. To do this, experts from around the world produced a series of measures to change the environmental pollution of the atmosphere, as stated in Solutions for pollution. Conventionally, they can be divided into five groups:
Technical: Design and implementation of cleaner technologies, the creation of protective equipment, switching to alternative sources of energy.
Organizational: adjust traffic patterns of the cars.
Building-planning: the distribution of industrial facilities in the territory, the creation of buffer planting landscaping.
Disclaimer: creating a new regulatory framework for the protection and protecting our environment.
Economic: creating conditions for economic measures to address problems of security of ecological conditions.
The importance of solving environmental problems prompted the society to create all sorts of associations fighting for a cleaner environment. They carry out various environmental actions, such as Greenpeace, or collect funds for the implementation of environment-related activities, such as World Wildlife Fund.
Achieving the ideal state of absolute harmony with nature is basically impossible. It is equally impossible the final victory over nature, while in the process of fighting a man discovers the ability to overcome difficulties. Human interaction with nature never ends, and when it seems that people are about to get a decisive advantage, the nature of the resistance increases. However, it is not infinite, and overcome it in the form of the suppression of nature is fraught with the death of the man himself. The current success of the human struggle with nature is achieved through increase of the risk that should be considered in two ways: the risk of possible adverse environmental effects associated with the fact that science can not give absolute forecast the effects of human impacts on the environment, and the risk of accidental disasters associated with the fact that the technical system itself people do not have absolute certainty, as described in Solution for air pollution.
Based on the analysis of the environmental situation, we can conclude that there should be concentration on the final and absolute decision in environmental problems and the prospects of a shift to private problems optimization of man’s relationship with the natural environment in the existing historical conditions. This circumstance is due to the fact that implementation of the goals of humanity constrains the fundamental laws of nature.

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