Technical Solutions for Air Pollution

Anthropogenic period is revolutionary in the history of the Earth. Humanity manifests itself as a great geological force on the scale their activities on our planet. And if you think about the brevity of lifetime, compared with the life of the planet, then the value of work will appear more clearly.
Technical abilities of a person to change the environment rapidly increased, reaching its highest point in the era of scientific technological revolution. Now a person is able to implement such projects’ transformation of the natural environment, which has recently dared and dream. Human growth might lead to an increase in the negative for nature, and ultimately dangerous for the existence of human impact its activities, the significance of which is only now beginning to be realized. Formation and development of human society was accompanied by local and regional environmental crises of human origin. We can say that the steps of mankind along the path of scientific technological progress were accompanied by persistently, like a shadow, the negative moments, the sharp aggravation of which leads to ecological crisis, as stated in Air pollution solutions.
A characteristic feature of our time is to intensify and globalization of human impacts on the surrounding environment that accompanied by an unprecedented intensification and globalization of the previously negative consequences of this exposure. And if mankind had experienced local and regional environmental crises that could lead to destruction of any civilization, but they do not interfere with further progress the human race in general, the present-ay ecological situation is fraught with global ecological collapse. Since modern man is destroying integrity mechanisms of functioning of the biosphere on a planetary scale.
Crisis points in both the troubled and a spatial sense becoming more and they are closely related to each other, forming an increasingly frequent network. It suggests the presence of a global ecological crisis and the threat of environmental disaster. Air pollution is the result of emissions from various sources. Causality of this phenomenon must be sought in the nature of Earth’s atmosphere. Thus, contamination from airborne sources appears to places of their destructive effect, in the atmosphere may undergo changes, including the chemical conversion of some pollutants to other, more dangerous substances, as stated in Climate change projects.
Set of the contents of pollutants in the air (emissions) determine the extent of damaging effects on the region. We can say that the degree of pollution depends on the number and mass emissions. Assessment of results of air pollution include adverse effects on individual objects of nature, for example, people, animals, plants, and on non-living elements of nature, including water, soil and landscape in general, and on buildings and materials. In a broader sense, such a negative impact can be considered very atmospheric pollution, climate, and a number of economic and social conditions.
In general terms, the concept of pollution includes a significant number of actions and events leading to the deterioration of the original, natural quality of it. In a narrower sense, the appropriate concept, as agreed in the framework of the countries included in the system and other pollution of the atmosphere is understood as the release of solid, liquid and gaseous pollutants. It is believed that the contaminants – are those that have a negative impact on the environment, either directly after the chemical changes in the atmosphere, or in combination with other substances.

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