Technology In Australia

Australian scientists have already praised their country in the areas of science and technology, such as material science, nanobiotechnology, electronics, photonics, energy, and quantum technology. Also the fruits of their labor can be found in a wide range of industries: from agriculture and IT to healthcare and aerospace. Let us explore Australia with more details, analyzing its technological potential and thinking about its prospects in future.

Australia is a highly developed industrial-agrarian country with a modern diversified economy and a high scientific and technical potential. It is usually characterized by economic growth, sustainable socio-economic policy, democracy, and modern law. The country ranks consistently in the top ten world leaders, and it is possible to say that three main spheres of its development, like economy, science and technology, go hand in hand with each other. Thus, we are going to discuss the technology sector in Australia.

First of all it is necessary to mention that Australian scientists and researchers make a significant contribution to world science and technology. Australia is a motherland to seven Nobel laureates, and the main achievements of Australia in the field of advanced technologies are associated with solar power, mining, avionics, environmental studies, marine biology and agriculture.
It is obvious that all achievements in any sphere need not only bright intellect, but also a good economic potential. Thinking about the sphere of economic we can note that any country can envy to Australian economic growth, because its fast development allows to achieve great success in the technology sector and gives new opportunities to future progress. For example, Australia’s economy is one of the most open and innovation-oriented in the world; moreover, its sustained economic growth over the last decade is coupled with low inflation, attractive interest rates, increasing efficiency and productivity. Thus, Australia became extremely attractive to investors thanks to the assistance of the Government and Public Policy. Many entrepreneurs are willing to buy or establish a business in Australia and, to obtain citizenship in this free and highly developed country in the future. Displacement of the centers of business activity in Asia, the development of modern high-tech infrastructure and IT flattens out recent problems of geographic remoteness and isolation of Australia, making it an ideal platform for global business. The largest transnational corporations seek to place their headquarters and offices in the big cities of the continent. Australian market of computer technologies and telecommunications occupies the forth place in terms of development and diversification in the Asia-Pacific region, and Australia is one of three countries that are ready to conduct “e-business”.

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