Telecommunication In Your Life

Nowadays the process of globalization is in full swing. Borders between countries become less significant, information exchange enhances and people from all corners of the world become closer. Telecommunication services have played a significant role in this process. Covering great distances, they facilitate people’s life and save money and time.

The appearance of cell phones appeared to be as revolutionary as appearance of a phone itself in 1876. Connection with a person in any part of the world is no more a problem today. Since the time that phones appeared and spread in 1960s they have largely enhanced the scope of their services. In the modern world with the help of a mobile phone one can not only speak with the telephone subscriber but detect his or her location. Even if the phone is switched off, you can learn when the person is again available and who called you while you were away. On the one hand, the sphere of private life becomes more open to others; on the other hand people can get in touch independently from time and place.

Cell phones radically changed people’s life and altered their idea of communication. The world became smaller and more available. With the development of technologies cell phones turned from communication devices into pocket computers which can help now almost in any situation. Today the number of their functions comes nearer to those of a computer. They work as organizers, calculators, mp3 players, video game devices, navigators etc. Due to their large scope of services in both entertainment and work, they have become essential devices for everybody. At home or at work, they grant entertainment or aid in work. Whenever you have meeting or important thing to do, a phone will remind you about it. If you cannot find a route, GPS navigator mounted into the phone will help you to find your bearings on the ground.

However, perhaps their most remarkable and important service is the connection to the Internet, because it gives a new and wider scope of opportunities.

The Internet is the discovery that brought people to an absolutely new standard of life where all sorts of things became possible without leaving home. Speaking about the Internet, one can found both advantages and disadvantages of this invention. However, despite the criticism concerning the invasion of the Internet into our life and its absorption of all spheres of life forcing out personal communication, the extreme benefit for the humanity cannot be denied.

People received the opportunity to work and study faster and consequently more efficiently. The access to the Internet gives the opportunity to receive and send mail, to read books, journals and magazines on-line, to have distant learning courses, to connect with colleagues, bosses and subordinates without leaving the office or home. Much of all these services are available in the phones, which are hand-sized. Video-conference is another way to connect with business partners or relatives across oceans and deserts.

Certainly, the Internet became an indispensable way of communication between people all over the world due to such web sites as Facebook, MySpace and others. These popular sites have become the centers of virtual life for millions of people all over the world. Having been created as a way to keep in touch with friends and former classmates, they became places where people look for their boyfriends and girlfriends, get acquainted and spend most part of their day. In fact, such social network sites help to communicate with all those people who you would never learn anything about without the Internet. These are people who you worked or studied with or lived nearby. Having parted with them, you have not forgot about them but you do not have any time to write letters to them. Still, you do have several minutes to leave a comment under their photo or write a short message and thus, you keep in touch with hundreds of people and the society becomes more friendly while the world becomes more united.

Borders between countries vanish and no matter where you are, if your friends are online, you are together. Due to the Internet people have no need to go shopping, to visit libraries, to wait in queues in order to buy tickets. All these things can be done via Internet at breakneck speed. Online services are given in any self-respecting shop or institution. And certainly what makes these Internet services even more beneficial is their availability on cell phones.

Now if you have a modern cell phone in a pocket, you are connected to the whole world and by one touch you can get to any corner of the world and received any needed information. Thus, we see that during the last century the process of information obtaining has changed radically. In fact, there is no problem for modern people to get any kind of information, because its amount in the Internet is really enormous. One can learn anything he needs and anything he wants by one click. The Internet has created a system of information storage available for every person, who has access to the Internet, while the World Wide Web becomes more and more accessible for people all over the world. James B. Burnham in his article in USA Today writes,

The key to understanding the growing impact of global telecommunications is to think of the expanding web of undersea optical fiber lines, satellite links, and electronic black boxes as a transportation system–not merely as a communications network. Viewed this way, it is on a par with the routes and facilities associated with transoceanic shipping and international air transport. Major changes in the technology and cost of transportation spark radical changes in peoples’ lives throughout the world(74).

Thus, he underlines that modern technologies open new facilities for people and telecommunication makes globalization progress faster. Certainly, there are opponents and supporters of the globalization as it has both advantages and disadvantages. However, the fact is that nowadays globalization is inevitable. The development of the world dictates its terms and we cannot resist it (Eitzen, 2008).

Taking everything into account, we can make a conclusion that telecommunications benefit people and make their life much more comfortable. Due to the appearance of cell phones, people can constantly keep in touch with their relatives, friends and colleagues from any corner of the world. The invention of the Internet and its availability on the cell phones made another information revolution in the world.

The Internet allows people to lead active life staying at one place. They can work, study, communicate, and do shopping not going outdoors.

Having all these facilities on their phone, they can keep in touch with the whole world from any place.

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