Tell Us Interesting or Amusing Story About Yourself Essay

Often we do not notice extraordinary things that occur around us in our daily life because we are too concerned with our selves, but I have noticed that it is even more difficult to uncover something new and unusual in your own self since you take for granted things that may seem to be extraordinary to other people. On recalling my personal experience, I should say that I have always been interested in video games, which I have been playing since the childhood and they still remain attracting to me. I am seventeen and now I understand that I have to take a decision on my future, on my future professional education and career. In such a situation, my personal experience is of the utmost importance for me because I have discovered that playing games is an amusing thing, but, what is even more interesting for me is to create video games. This is why I have decided to become a video games programmer because I feel capable to create new and really interesting games which can bring me stable profits, while people playing my games will enjoy it and, probably, they will be grateful to me. In fact, I have already started to make my first efforts in programming and it is a really exciting experience. When I am attempting to work on programming I feel as if I create not just a new product but a kind of a new world. This is why I am eager to realize my ideas in future video games and I hope that I will succeed in it.

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